When the temperature begins to plummet, and you need an extra layer to keep warm and stylish, the men’s chunky shawl collar power cardigan is the ultimate hero piece in your wardrobe. It’s a cosy throw blanket with sleeves, providing comfort and a fashion-forward statement. However, you don’t have to surrender to its welcoming tendencies completely.  

David Beckham, renowned for his iconic style, makes a fashion statement with a timeless knit cardigan in the recent Netflix docuseries “Beckham.” In contrast to his flashy past, the mature Beckham sports a collared, cream-coloured cardigan with double-breasted buttons, exuding comfort and style. This versatile piece is perfect for lounging at home or reflecting on his life during a documentary interview. Beckham’s fashion evolution mirrors his life’s journey, settling into a comfortable rhythm at 48, retiring from soccer, and tending to beehives in a serene setting. His choice of this cosy cardigan reflects his style, contentment, and focus on the present.

Firstly, it’s crucial to understand that not every cardigan is suitable for pairing with a suit. Opt for a cardigan with a longer line and a simple placket to balance casual and formal. This way, you can maintain a polished look without overcomplicating your outfit, and the beauty of the modern fashion era is that you can blend colours and patterns to create a fun and unique style.

Suppose you need to get into the oversized cardigan trend. In that case, an alternative option is layering a thin cashmere or Merino cardigan underneath your suit for added warmth and a slight upgrade in formality. Sticking to a single hue from the sweater to the suit will enhance the overall polish and give your outfit a modern edge. Now, why is this the perfect time to be thinking about cardigans? It’s ideal for layering without giving you that extra bulk if you stick with a fine knit. The best shawl collar power cardigans are crafted from heavy-gauge wool and cashmere and feature flat-lay lapels, giving them a unique combination of grunge and smartness. 

Shawl-collar cardigans might evoke thoughts of grandpas, but let’s not forget that grandpas are epitomes of relaxed gentlemen who, in their retirement, have mastered the art of comfortable yet stylish attire. These cardigans, resembling a fusion of a hoodie and a turtleneck, are excellent at keeping you warm and expertly highlighting your best features. By drawing attention to your shoulders and neck, they create the illusion of strength, adding a touch of confidence to your appearance. Moreover, they’re efficient, almost obviating the need for a scarf.

Pair them with your favourite jeans and a distressed rocker tee for a casual look. Alternatively, swap out your blazer for a shawl-collar cardigan when heading to your local bar tonight. The cosy aura exuded by this choice will make you as irresistible as a steaming cup of cocoa, capturing the attention of everyone around you. And when Monday rolls around, this versatile cardigan becomes your first line of defence against the chills in the office.