Waterproof Everything, Now

The weather in England is forever changing, one minute we can have beaming sunshine and the next, rain. Spring is the season when we can expect this more than ever, so having the right clothing is so much more important.

Scandi brand Rains have been dishing out top tier waterproof outwear for years now, and have successfully changed the way we all look and wear our raincoats. Perfectly blending conceptual and functional, this approach has allowed them to really reimagine the classic waterproof jacket into a piece of clothing that we now wear as a standalone piece, rather than a dull necessity.

Over the years, they have taken their knowledge and skill away from the jacket and transformed the very basics of every day life and added their individual flair to them. From jackets to gilets to bags all the way to down to pencil cases, there is nothing they haven’t thought of. The beauty, for me at least, is their chosen colour palette: each colour has carefully been thought through so it blends beautifully with their other items, so having a body bag, backpack and purse in the same shade is now easier than ever.

Jacket – £79

Backpack Mini – £75

Zip Wallet – £35

Rains have most certainly become one of my favourite brands of late, you don’t feel like you are just buying a product, you feel as if you are buying into a concept, an idea, a design lead brand that brings together two of the most important things, form and function and they do so absolutely perfectly.

Written by Tom Loughran