Wardrobe Essentials: Watches

There’s no two ways about it – accessories complete outfits. Stepping back and taking a look at what you’re wearing will send you into a state of thought: what would complement my shoes, my jumper, my shirt? The simple answer is: accessories. The hard question that follows: what accessory? Well, I’m here to tell you that one of the best accessories that both complete and give your outfit a personal sense of style is a watch. Watches are practical and they look great. When my sister gave me a watch for my birthday I thought I’d use it simply because it looked good. Now, when I forget to put it on I always look to my wrist for the time, not my phone. There’s a sense of authenticity when it comes to wearing watches, a ‘blast from the past’ as it were. You’re setting a trend, a vintage, stylish trend and when your sleeves are rolled up or your jumper hugs under the watch, people will see that style. The most useful gear in the field is that which can be trusted to provide reliable, versatile performance. This is much of what separates military style watches from the everyday, run-of-the-mill timepieces you might be used to. Do you have the curiosity to understand the best smartwatch for nurses to buy? you can simply find out the best smart watches for nurses at the best price and great value for money.

watches 001

There is no wrong choice when it comes to luxury watches but there is such a thing as simplicity saying more. My watch has three handles and tells the time, it’s very simple, no gadgets, no bolts and whistles. But there’s a reason people look at it – it’s how you wear it. You can put a watch on your wrist in the summer when you’re wearing a short sleeved shirt or roll up the sleeves to your jumper in the winter. How you choose to show off your watch is key. Another factor to consider would be whether you want to add other accessories with it. Do you want to wear some wristbands on the other arm? A watch, after all, doesn’t need to be cluttered or covered, it stands alone.

A watch is simple. You have to remember, you have to add any accessory to go with it, that comes down to personal choice. Usually, when you add a hat – especially for the winter – you would add a scarf, you have to think with accessories, ‘what else?’ With watches you don’t have to do this, you can do it if you want to. Another thing about accessories is that you have to consider what you’re wearing with it – a belt, for example, you have to think about the shoes, do they go together? Do they not? The beauty of the watch is that you don’t have to think at all, any watch you choose will go with your outfit. Just take a look at some of the options:

Liberty London:

uniform wares wristwatchbrown series wristwatchblack series watch

polished series wristwatchrose gold wristwatchblack brushed wristwatch

The Liberty London watches are all about simplicity. I use this word as a compliment, of course. Liberty London doesn’t overcomplicate their watches – there are no numbers, no gadgets. The watches don’t need these to work, they are based on how stylish they look, on how they will finalise an outfit. The brown wrist, for example, gives off a smart feeling – you could wear it with a suit, for example, but you could easily turn that smart look into something smart-casual if you wanted to wear it with a jumper or shirt.


chronograph watchdino leather watchmeccanico Watch

telemeter watchkoppel leather watchflagship watch

Harrods’ watches are full of big names that are simplistic in their design but say much more. The Armani, Jensen and Longines – my personal favourite – confirm what Liberty London said that is you can wear these watches with anything. With this diversity, however, there comes a sense of ownership and belonging – this watch belongs to you, you wear it with your clothes, it’s diverse enough to be incorporated into your own personal style.

Mr. Porter:

grande steel watchsteel series wristwatchgold plated wristwatch

automatic leather watch250 series wristwatch300 series wristwatch

Mr. Porter’s watches continue this theme of simplicity and allowing the watch to complete the outfit. What is so fantastic about Mr. Porter – and what we love here at MFMis the ability to make everything personal and elegant. Each of the Mr. Porter watches are elegant in their own way – whether they have the blue wrist or the more generic and smart brown leather. The Junghans X Max Bill has a white facing but with it the small details that is Mr. Porter come in and when you flip it over you see the inner-workings of the watch. Smart and stylish, that is Mr. Porter.


steel and leather watchhugo boss watchbronze leather watch

slim line watchclassima steel watchconstant watch

Selfridges – like Harrods – hosts a lot of big names and each of those names come with a new way of thinking. The Emporio Armani watch, for example, has a very vintage tone set the modern name and black wrist. The Armani watch seems to borrow from the pocket-watch and allows you to see the inner-workings of it. This watch is vintage and interesting, worn with a shirt or a suit it could finalise a very stylish and original outfit.


There you have it. The granddaddy of accessories. The pitch-perfect wonder that is watches. The thing to remember is that watches don’t have to be thought about but that doesn’t make them generic in any sense of the word. They’re diverse, easy to match, not generic at all. And the last thing to remember – watches look good, feel good, they’re functional and they do what we – MFMlove: they harbour style.