Wardrobe Essentials: Watches

When it comes to the accessories of a stylish gent, there is one piece everyman should have in his fashion arsenal; and that is the trusty watch. Obviously the functionality of a watch is beyond compare, after all as well as mobile devices how would we ever keep time. For a man a watch is so much more than a time keeper, it is an investment piece of quality and style which represents the man who wears it.

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Wrist watches date back from around the 1920’s, but before that the pocket watch was the go to time piece and in recent years has shown the occasional hint of a comeback. Watch this space; we will update you if that does happen. It has been said the first wrist watches originated in World War I when military men found pocket watches to be impractical. The trusty wrist watch was born, and no one knew back then how important wristwatches are to the everyday gentleman of today.

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In this piece we will be taking a look at some of our particular favourite time pieces from a number of different online retailers. As always style is at the forefront of our minds but we will show you a varying range of price points. Sometimes it is more convenience to purchase a basic watch from Topman, or it can be a good idea to take your time and select the perfect watch from somewhere like Mr. Porter.


Currently the majority of high street brands seem to be doing an excellent job in producing really cool fashionable pieces. So it comes as no surprise that Topman have come up with some nice and affordable watches. The price point seems to start at around £15, but I found quite surprising and unexpected was that they have a few watches that are really nice designs for a higher price point of between £70 – £145.

mesh metal watchleather sunset watchwatch black leather

dice analogue watchdice guru watchprojekt watch

River Island

The watches available on from River Island, seem to have a quirky yet stylish nature to them. While watches starting at the lower price bracket of £15 may seem to have a novelty feel to them, there are watches that seem to have a little more style when you get closer to the higher price bracket of £60.

moustache watchgunmetal pocket watchglobe print watch

double dial watchbracelet watchkomono denim watch


While considered by a good store for menswear, they do appear to be somewhat lacking in choices of watches. Quite literally the six we are showing you here are the six they have on the website. A disappointing selection yet some of these watches are quite nice in a simple and affordable kind of way. To put it simply, there is nothing over £20 so if you want something quick and basic; check out the selection below.

black rubber watchsimple strap watchstrap leather watches

silver link watchblue silicon watchblack rubber straps watch

Mr. Porter

This is one of our particular favourites (if you hadn’t already guessed) in regards to online shopping, mainly because their selection of luxury high end pieces is rarely matched in the world of online retailers. Their watch selection may not boast many familiar high end names but there time pieces are, to put it simply ‘timeless’. Starting off from £120 going all the way up to £1430 you can be sure of a great time piece when selecting from their selection.

braun steel watchsteel chronograph watchseries wrist watches

automatic watchesluminox watchjunjhans watch


So there we have a pretty good selection some of the watches available for you to purchase right now. While that may seem like a pretty large selection we have been unable to truly tap into the magnitude of choice in today’s current watch market. The styles, designs and price points are so varied that we would need an excessive word count to even consider evaluating all of them. Now it’s over to you, what is your current time piece or can you recommend the perfect watch? Let us know in the comments below.