Wardrobe Essentials: Transitional Knitwear

There may be a rumour flying around, now remember that it may only be a rumour: but apparently autumn is finally here. While some of you may not be too impressed with the sudden drop in temperature, there are a majority of us who are excited for the new season because it means new clothing options. AW13 is already proving to be an exciting season, with plenty of super stylish trends to keep us looking stylish as well as keeping us warm from the harsh climate change. One thing we are hearing is that a lot of you (and us) are looking forward to the fine selection of knitwear that is becoming available. Later on as the season progresses we will probably look into knitwear a bit more in depth, but for this particular article we are going to be looking at transitional knitwear.

transitional knitwear 001

Right now we are not in need of those ridiculously thick cable knit jumpers because while the weather is getting colder, we do still have a little bit of sunshine making the occasional appearance. Those of you, who have seasonal wardrobes, like some of us here at MFM; have been dipping into your own personal back catalogue of thin knits and lightweight jumpers. Personally that is all I have really needed to wear on the top half because of the consistency in the weather, and that kind of super thin knit can keep you cool enough in the autumn sun, and keep in warm enough in the autumn cool.

transitional knitwear 002

There are a number of different fabrics to consider when looking into knitwear, however from what I’ve heard there are many men who don’t particularly care about what an item of clothing is made from. With the way our weather has been so mixed and probably will continue to do so, fabric choice in regards to your knits is super important. Trust me it isn’t fun or anything resembling comfortable getting a little sweaty when all you’re wearing on top is a jumper.

transitional knitwear 003

Wool is probably the first fabric that comes to mind in regards of great armour against the cold. Although the quality and softness will often vary depending on the animal it comes from, wool makes for the most traditional fabric choice due to its retention of heat and warmth. However even though it is a nice durable fabric, wool does require a great amount of care. To avoid shrinking, remember to never wash wool in hot water or stick it in the dryer. Use a sweater stone or a pill razor to remove the pills. Fold the wool sweaters instead of hanging them on clothes hangers.

Cashmere makes for the highest standard when it comes to knitwear. Warm, soft and incredibly light, a cashmere sweater is more of a long-time investment. Giving its high-price range you should make sure the sweater fits you like a glove and comes in a timeless colour before purchasing it, this will clearly increase the longevity of your knitwear. Avoid counterfeit sweaters and follow the same caring rules as for wool.

Cotton sweaters tend to be cooler than either their wool or cashmere counterparts as their cellulose foundation sheds heat faster. You can wear them directly on your skin without the risk of irritation, which is perfect for when the sun makes an unscheduled appearance. They are machine washable; however they should be kept away from moisture. They are far more inexpensive than wool, but at the same time they tend to wear out faster. Given the fact that cotton makes for a breathable fabric, it can be worn all-year round.

Synthetic Fabric sweaters can mimic the properties of wool or cotton, with the main advantage being they are available in a much more affordable price bracket. Knitwear made out of this kind of fabric generally doesn’t need any special treatment as they are more resistant to chemicals and oils, but less breathable and less warm. Acrylic sweaters make for the most common choice, from the more popular high street brands.

Get Knitted

Now we have more or less bored you with the finer points of knitwear maintenance, we have selected some of our favourite autumn knits for you to peruse at your leisure. We believe that substance and functionality is almost as important as style so we have selected a range of styles and colours to see you all the way through to stylish this autumn season.

vneck jcrew sweaterburberry brit sweatervirgin wool sweater

panelled wool cardiganselbow wool sweatersribbed cardigans

brown twis cardiganraglan sleeve jumpernavy stars stripes jumper

vneck navy cardigansjacquard jumpersgreen textured jumpers

aztec navy jumpersblock navy jumperslambswool rich jumper

charcoal stripe jumperscoloured block jumpersgrey striped jumpers

brown lenny jumperturquoise shoulder jumperwhite and black jumper

navy and orange jumperfairisle knit jumperswoven patch jumper


Even as I am writing this piece at my desk by an open window, the weather has transitioned between at least three seasons, and yes I am wearing a thin knit jumper from River Island, and it seems to be doing the trick. The great thing about transitional knit pieces is that you can throw a blazer or jacket over if you need to and they still look great. All you need to do now is embrace the autumn and fill your wardrobe with some amazing transitional knit pieces.