Wardrobe Essentials: The Denim Jacket

I know us Brits like to talk about the weather like some sort of hobby but as winter turns to spring and spring in turn begins to radiate rays of summer upon us, the climate and the state of flux it finds itself in begins to play an integral part on our sartorial decisions.

One moment the winter coats are stored away at the back of the wardrobe, pushed aside as they are with the gloves and scarves, and before we know it, the temperature has dropped once again and we are suddenly in our lightweight jackets freezing to death.

Transitional clothing pieces are paramount at this time of year and nothing fills the void between winter and summer better than a denim jacket. As well as transcending the winter summer divide, the denim jacket also merges fashion and style, thus making it a must have piece for any mans wardrobe.

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In much the same vain as a crisp white shirt or good pair of jeans, the denim jacket can be worn with anything and everything; it doesn’t matter if it’s a t-shirt, pair of shorts and casual shoes, suit trousers and formal shirt or jeans, trainers and a hoody, there really is no occasion where the denim jacket will look out of place.

With the weather proving so temperamental at this time of the year layering is the key. You may leave the house with the sun shining but it’s just as likely that come the end of the day the rain will be pouring, which is why layers – rather than a big winter coat and a t-shirt – are essential.

The denim jacket allows you to wear said layers without worrying too much about being too warm or too cold. The fact it’s lightweight yet incredibly sturdy (as all good denim should be) makes it the ideal travelling companion while the fact it can be worn as either a formal or casual jacket really does make it the perfect transitional piece of clothing.

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The diversity of the denim jacket lies not only in how it can be worn with other outfits but also the jacket itself; yes their shape alters little (this is a good thing) with it being a short, boxy shape and slightly looser sleeves and shoulders – making it ideal when worn with sweaters, hoody’s and knitwear – but the array of colours it comes in. From pitch black to traditional navy, burgundy to washed-out 80’s style denim this array of colours only adds to the number of outfits this jacket can be worn with.

However, just because the denim jacket works so well across the style / fashion spectrum, does not mean to say there are pitfalls you cannot fall into. So, to save you the embarrassment of teaming a denim jacket with a pair of jogging bottoms, here are a few outfit ideas for you whatever the weather.

Wet & Windy

Let’s face it, the first day the sun comes out after a long drawn out winter, us Brits are in our shorts and t-shirts before we know it. Sadly, these early rays of sun do not last too long and we are back in our usual autumnal winter attire in a matter of days. The denim jacket helps to ease the pain of winter and is a great companion with a good pair of jeans, t-shirt and a hoody.

light washed jacketkangaroo hoodymhl jersey tee

slim leg jeanswork wedge bootcable beanie hat

Warming Up

The days may be getting warmer and the night skies a lighter shade of blue but come the advent of evening a jacket is still required over the top of your t-shirt or lightweight sweater. With a casual pair of jeans or chino and some trainers thrown on for good measure, this is where the denim jacket comes in to it’s own.

western jacketraft crew sweatshirtorange cotton tee

slim dylan jeansblack blue orangemilan frame sunglasses


Men often presume the denim jacket is very much a causal piece of attire but this is the 21st century and thus rules are there to be broken. More and more men are pairing once strictly casual pieces – such as the denim jacket, with more formal wear meaning walking around in a suit, dress shoes and a denim jacket is no longer a major faux-pas but more a fashion staple.

overdyed denim jacketcapri cotton teeskinny suit trousers

hounds wedge shoesnavy trim beltsdrawstring leather bag


There can be little doubt that the denim jacket is the perfect companion for the rest of your wardrobe, no matter the climes. It ticks all the boxes of both fashion and style while offering numerous ways in which it can be worn and styled.

The weather may be a constant source of discussion, an endless ebb and flow of changing moods that shall have us forever talking but there is no need to worry because whatever the skies above us are doing, there will always be the denim jacket.