Wardrobe Essentials: Summer Sandals

With the weather, at least for a little while, having taken a turn for the better, it would appear that we are well and truly making our way into summer. And so our wardrobes must do the same. Among other things, this is the time of year that calls for lighter footwear. It is well noted that this can be tricky for even the most sartorially adept of gentlemen; in response, we have come up with a brief look at some of this season’s finest options to make sure everybody has a chance at getting it right.

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Strappy Styles

Each year we witness new interpretations of the classic gladiator sandal, traditionally associated with Ancient Rome and now resurfacing annually with an ever greater attention to detail that renders great contemporary design. This is a style that will have many sat on the fence with their opinions but, made for comfort and durability, this can actually be an incredibly versatile option.

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Look out for something in leather – this will be the best for your feet and whether plaited, woven or criss-crossed, will bring a sophisticated audacity to a look, great if paired with a lightweight linen or thin cotton trouser, or even jeans.

intrecciato sandalshurb kurt geigerjimmy sandals

marni strap sandalscrossover turnespony hair

Statement Sandals

Recent seasons have seen a fuller embrace of the sandal than before and trends have emerged to dictacte a collective adoration of all things futuristic, fun and flamboyant. The likes of Givenchy have provided excellent examples that capture the bold style fantastically.

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To opt for a statement sandal is to opt for adventure; you will certainly need to be happy steering clear of convention. Contrast soles, bright blocks of colour, eclectic material combinations, embellishments, playful shapes, even platform details all feature for SS14. We think that any of these will look magnificent on anybody with the confidence to incorporate a pair into his own unique look.

sandals chainorange london jaridwhite rubber sandals

tuxee tedbakerfloral selfridgesleblon docks rio

The Forbidden Flip-Flop

We have rarely advocated flip-flops at MFM and for good reason. However, we are not foolish enough to dismiss their intrinsically functional design and suitability to intended use and occasion.

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And when at the beach or poolside, where you understandably look for comfort and practicality, you can still demonstrate style. Reserved for the right place and the right time, these styles will undoubtedly serve you well.

rubber flip flopsbasil flip flopshype paint

waikkon flip flopwestwood orbrandle flip flops

A Final Note

It is important to recognise that just because sandals are a purchase made – usually – for reasons of practicality, the style you choose does not need to be boring. Or granddad-like. Or Jesus-reminiscent. Many designers have renovated the sandal majorly for spring/summer ’14, so there is an abundance of very cool, contemporary designs that will work well with the rest of your summer wardrobe and see you through the long, hot (we hope) days to come in style.