AW13 Trend : Platform Shoes

Autumn is here and it’s time to put your summer shoes back in the wardrobe until next year. But what shoes are we going to wear this season at MFM?

It all started in the 70’s, the influence of rock and punk music was at its highest and so were the shoes. Back then the platform shoes were seen as a sign of fun, excitement and a fashion statement. But that was in the 70’s… What changes from this era to ours?

platformshoes 001

Nowadays you can find all sort of them on the catwalk, they can be made of suede, denim, leather, and plastic with different patterns. The sole size can vary from 1.2 inches to 4 inches. This previous season we’ve seen them everywhere… On the catwalk, movie events, and street style. Burberry, Prada and Chanel started the trend in 2011 imposing big platform shoes on the runway but it’s only lately that we’ve seen platforms for men and the question is, “How can we wear them and where?”

platformshoes 002

You don’t need to be a fashion addict to wear platform shoes (as we said before the soles can be 1.2 inches). You can wear them casual with a pair of black skinnies and an oversized white t-shirt. Or perhaps if you prefer to be dapper Dan, a pair of black skinny jeans with an oversized white shirt and a fitted blazer would be the perfect combination.

If you are still sceptical about it, do not worry we were too, but after seeing all of those platforms shoes on the runway and in the streets we could not not love them! Below are some designers platform that we particularly like.

platformshoes 003

platformshoes 004

Here at MFM we love to scour new trends and where to buy them, so just for you Dear MFM Readers we have selected some extraordinarily fancy footwear available to buy now.


Here we have more of a classic platform shoe from brands like Jil Sander, and those Maison Martin Margiela’s boots that are a perfect hit for the winter.

patent derby shoescrepe derby shoesnubuck derbie shoes

finbar derby shoesburnished strap broguescrepe biker shoes


Casual platforms are also essentials this season, who doesn’t like a pair of comfy shoes like those Adidas or perhaps the shiny black Lanvin platform sneakers?

toecap suede sneakerparker lo top trainerbolingbrook sneakers

lander boats shoesvacuum sneakersblack nizza trainer


Matches is one of the best retailers to buy your shoes online, with a wide range of varieties and colours. Those black and electric blue Nicholas Kirkwood’s are the perfect examples for the fashion addict; daring, bold and unique.

chevron derby sheosarchie leathers broguesrictchson derby shoes

technical lace up shoescamo sole broguesfinton lace ups


Congratulations you are now converted to platforms shoes whether you like them casual, classic or completely bold, we simply love them. The platform definitely made a huge comeback this year and will hopefully be a predominant fixture this upcoming season. We especially love the Burberry platform, with gentle splashes of colour against the natural elements and leather. And you, which one are you falling in fashion with?