Wardrobe Essentials: Black Trousers

When it comes to fashion, we’re always looking for something new. The new trend, the new style. As we do, however, we forget about the important things – the qualities that are the very foundation of our own style. One of those important qualities – one of those fashion essentials you could say – is black trousers. Versatile is an understatement but that’s what black trousers are. You can wear them with everything and add a lot to them. Here at MFM we love being able to make an outfit around something and that’s exactly what we’re going to explore with these fashion essentials.

Think of the many possible situations you’ll find yourself in – a job interview, a date, a coffee with an old friend, a casual meeting, a party. And what can you wear in all of these situations? Black trousers. But it’s what you wear with it that makes the situations different. In a job interview, for example, you can make black trousers the very foundation of smartness. Simply add a shirt, a tie, and finish with a blazer and overcoat and you’re ready to face the job interview head on.

image 1

If, on the other hand, you’ve staggered out of bed after a wild night and realise you only have fifteen minutes to meet your friend for a coffee, you can just throw black trousers on. Add a buttoned down shirt and jumper combination, a pair of sneakers or brogues and you’ve got a casual look. The great thing with black trousers – one of the crucial reasons they’re fashion essentials – is that by adding accessories or shoes you can very easily change the tone of your outfit. If, for instance, you’re in said hungover/late state and you want to look a bit sharper than you may feel, wearing a pair of smart shoes brings your casual look to smart-casual. Easy? Yes indeed.

image 2

Apart from being extremely versatile, black trousers are many other things, one of them is that black trousers can be very different. Black trousers come in different fits, for example, meaning that you can opt for a skinny fit, slim, boot cut, you name it. Each type comes down to how you want to dress. I, myself, am a skinny black trousers man so the focus is on my shoes and jumper. By doing this the black trousers fall into the background but still remain important – much like the cellotape on a Christmas  present – invisible but nonetheless crucial. The black trousers act as the glue that holds the outfit together and arrows that point to what else you’re wearing.

Don’t believe us? Well, take a peek at the three looks below that illustrate these points:

Look One

The trousers in this look are called ‘regular fit’ and are used to create a smart outfit. This look is more for work wear, interviews, meetings etc. The use of the tie and the un-cliché shirt shows that you can bring your own signature to – what some people might see as – a tiresome look. The blazer keeps things elegant, but the three buttons add a more laid back feel. The grey from the blazer also works nicely against the black, and neutralises the detailing of the shirt.

brushed button blazerstriped cotton shirtgrenadine silk tie

regular black trousersjake brownmaritide leather belt

Look Two

This look is taken from our metaphor of the glue. It’s a casual look that makes the black trousers almost invisible but just as essential. Without the black trousers, the outfit would fall apart and not have that sports influenced look that we’re going for. The jumper is casual and comfortable, but the button down shirt adds a touch of style. The colours work well together, and the black trousers simply draw attention towards the colour combination. On trend new balance sneakers again keep it casual, and accessories complete the look.

twisted crew jumpergingham cotton shirticon brand combo

washed skinny chinoslittle america backpacknew balance revlite

Look Three

This look focuses on the slim trousers and creates a very alternative kind of look. The leather jacket compliments the black trousers – black on black – and is broken up with the grey t-shirt. In addition, the brown from the watch and Chelsea boots pulls the outfit together. This look is all about complimenting and the black trousers – as a stand-still compliment – bring this to fruition.

conroy biker jacketvapan crew teegents aeroflite watch

black slimfit trousersthree pack sockstan antique


The three looks are a smokescreen of all the things you can do with the black trousers. The list goes on but, as is our way, we’ve given you a peek into what can be. So, are we in agreement? Are we in disagreement? Do you think that black trousers are a fashion essential? That they broadcast everything you’re wearing in a subtle yet effective way? Or do you think they’re something we need to evolve from? Let us know. We want to hear your thoughts.