Vulpine X Chris Hoy Collaboration

British legend gold Olympian Sir Chris Hoy collaborates with innovative Vulpine on cycling apparel with style, excellence and quality. To us, here at MFM, the news of Hoy and Vulpine joining forces was just music to our ears. With no samples of the collection being released to the public just yet everyone at MFM is hanging onto the edge of their seats.

velpuine 1

The collection is due to launch spring / summer 2015 and details of the first release will be later this year. Having a hugely successful career Sir Chris Hoy holds eleven world titles, not only that but he has mastered from track to BMX ,mountain biking and everything in between which is the ultimate cyclist dream. Furthermore, as of 2013 he had a very successful launch of Hoy bikes epitomises innovative designs.

velpuine 2

Vulpine are a new and innovative start-up company. Vulpine are on the pulse and are the new culture for cycling in England that is being watched around the world.  Since their launch in March 2012 Vulpine clothing doesn’t consist of the unflattering, tight Lycra but solely based on the use of materials for performance such as merino wool. The colours consist of a muted palette yet still mains as stylish on the bike to everyday wear.

velpuine 3

The line will be considered one of the most sort-after collections from every cyclist and also made by cycling legend himself and Vulpine for their innovative designs. With extensive knowledge and expertise the Hoy brand will apply to the line key attributes which consists of performance, quality and aspiration. Vulpine will apply their innovative and attention to detail, excellent expertise in design.

velpuine 4

Vulpine designers and Sir Chris Hoy both consider the core to the line being the choice of style, accessible quality and performance. Both brands are obsessive about inclusivity, also ensuring that all cyclists of all genres, ages and abilities needs are met. The range of apparel is designed by cyclists for cyclists. We at MFM will be waiting in line for the collection not to be missed.