Vétra- Genuine French Workwear. 100% made in France since 1927

VETRA (The Brand name comes from the French word for workwear: ‘Vetements de Travail’, taking the first three letters of each word to make ‘VETRA’.) The Brand was founded in Paris in 1927. Since then, the family- run business still manufactures all its products 100% in France, in its own factory– Genuine French Workwear in authentic fabrics.  Renowned worldwide, Vétra is sought out by consumers seeking products with a strong identity, a credible story and where and country of origin are important. The current fourth-generation owners of the Brand combine nine decades of savoir-faire with a modern sensibility and sustainability to create today’s iconic and fashionable Offer of work wear styles. The Brand breaks new ground by offering the two main French workwear fabrics, twill and moleskin, in 100% organic cotton.

The story of Vétra begins in 1927, when Edouard, a young entrepreneur, received as his wedding gift his mother’s workshop full of aprons and overalls, located on Ile Saint-Louis Paris. Edouard decided to expand the business by kitting out all the workers. At this time, the workers were compelled to buy their own workwear garments. Wear and Tear was a real issue so they were looking for quality, long-lasting clothes. Edouard worked his way up to be widely admired amongst the workers community, and dressed all professions:  butchers, cattle dealers, barmen, mechanics, factory workers, electricians, carpenters, coppersmiths…

Given that workwear had to be functional, every profession had their specific jacket and trousers in specific fabrics and often in dedicated colours. Before WWII, the (French) Moleskin sold more than (French moleskin is a sateen finish whilst British moleskine is brushed) the twills, but then twill took over. The same thing happened for the colours, the Bugatti blue getting replaced by the Hydrone workwear blue . Vétra, as a c(h)ore player of the WW industry, acquired a strong know-how researched by select shops and savvy connoisseurs. In 2018, the German Brand CLOSED made a Vetra x CLOSED collaboration as a symbol of decades of commitment to quality and customers’ satisfaction.