Versus Versace & Superga Collaboration

At MFM, collaborations are always cause for celebration.  With the Versus Versace and Superga collaboration, however, it is not just exciting because two iconic brands have come together but because with it they merge the Italian themes and influences of fashion.

versus 1

The historical Superga 750 model has been reused and has been redeveloped to become a special edition piece in the new collection. The reuse is made using one of the key prints from the Versus Versace FW 14-15 collection merging the two names together in a smart, innovative way.  The print used is the symbol of the rebellious style within Versus Versace and is put against clashing colours and cut-up images.

versus 2

The first model featured in the collection between Superga and Versus Versace is made of vulcanized natural rubber and cotton upper, finished off with a fabric Superga label. As is the way with this pick-pocket collection, the heel is finished off with the Versus Versace logo. It doesn’t stop there, the model is completed with a personalised box which shows, rather aptly, the dedication and excitement of the two brands when building this collection.

versus 3

Excited? We bet you are. The shoes themselves are now available online at and so wait no longer, jump onto your computers, your iPads, your phones and order away. This collaboration is something not to be missed.