Versace Dress Real Madrid C.F.

Here at MFM we love anything to do with the well dressed gent, so you can imagine how excited we were when this press release dropped into our inbox. It has been announced that legendary fashion house Versace will be designing and providing the wardrobe for Real Madrid F.C. However, unlike the usual collaboration this isn’t just a one time thing, it will be ongoing from this season so you can expect to see these boys dressed up in the finest Versace pieces. The agreement which was signed by Versace and Real Madrid Football Club, covers the uniform worn by the players, the coach, management and the technical staff.

versace fashion illustrationsThe outfits draw inspiration from the sartorial tradition of the fashion house, the uniform has been produced and designed for Real Madrid for the purpose of official occasions attended by the club and its team. Here is the part other than the name ‘Versace‘ that got us excited and we must admit a little jealous: the exclusively made to measure outfits includes a wool suit with two button jacket with interfacing on a black background and jet pocket. The shirt, made of stretch poplin with visible overstitching, button-down collar and hidden buttons. There are also lace up derby shoes and belt in black calf skin; a silk tie featuring both the logos of the club and of Versace. for the winter season a two button single breasted overcoat is also provided. This is all sounding like the epitome of luxury and dapper refinement, I am not a sports fan but it almost makes me want to play just to be a part of the Versace way of dressing.

JUVENTUS - REAL MADRID  VIAJEThe CEO of Versace SpA Gian Giacomo Ferraris has announced: “We are proud to have launched this first time collaboration with Real Madrid football club. Over the years they have made a huge contribution to the history of international football, just as Versace is a leader sphere style, fashion and luxury goods”.

JUVENTUS - REAL MADRID  VIAJEThis agreement between the club and Versace, includes the Real Madrid Castilla and Real Madrid Basketball. This is making us all a little jealous and impressed, however we feel that the next move should be for Versace to dress the MFM team: what do you think? We can but dream.