VELAROF Tokyo | Too good to keep to yourself!

You’re probably good at keeping your wardrobe up to date, ditching worn out and drab pieces, the things that looked good in a photo yet never felt comfortable to wear. But can you say the same about your underwear drawer?

There’s no denying the confidence boost you get from wearing great underwear, but daily comfort and skin health shouldn’t be overlooked either. It’s time to elevate your everyday with Velarof. Their vibrant boxer briefs don’t just make a fashion statement. These versatile wardrobe essentials will bring flair and comfort to every season. In fact, they’re so lush, it seems a shame to cover them up!

Velarof boxer briefs are designed in London and expertly crafted in Japan. They are available in a range of beautiful designs to help you find the perfect pair for every occasion. Their boxer briefs are designed to give a snug fit around the top of your leg, yet the fabric has enhanced flexibility and moves comfortably with your body like a second skin. This prevents chafing or bunching up, which makes Velarof ideal to wear beneath slim cut suits and skinny jeans, as well as looser fitting garments. 

Their latest collection is created in TENCEL. You’d never guess from its soft, smooth feel, but this sustainable and biodegradable fabric is made from wood pulp! Using the latest fabric technologies, it cleverly combines the best qualities of natural and synthetic fibres, making it as kind to your skin as it is to the planet. Tencel has exceptional breathability and moisture-wicking properties. This makes it ideal for underwear, reducing bacterial growth and contributing to good skin health in that most sensitive area of your body. Velarof boxer briefs will keep you cool no matter what the temperature.

Feel great, look sharp!

Velarof’s attention to comfort and sustainability have not stopped them from impressing with maximum style too. Their fabrics are enhanced with a silky softness and sheen, adding to the richness of the material. Every design is inspired by traditional Japanese patterns and motifs. The vibrant colours chosen are also significant, reflecting a traditional Japanese belief that particular colours can influence our mood and energy. The results are visually striking, colourful prints  popping with energy, each with its own intriguing story. With a wide range of designs to choose from, it’s easy to find one to suit your vibe.

Using the best materials and skilled craftsmanship elevates the quality of Velarof underwear and your experience when wearing it. Enhance your day by choosing Velarof boxer briefs. Their superior level of comfort will leave you free to focus on you.

Velarof underwear ranges from £29 – £100 and is available from:
Wolf and Badger