Introducing Vanacci’s Solaris Bracelets

What’s that in the air? Apple pie? Pumpkin Spice Lattes? We are most certainly into the throws of the British Autumn, but that doesn’t mean that the sun has to set on your style.

A forward-thinking British men’s fashion brand is setting its sights and turning its noses to a brave new frontier with the launch of Solaris this week.

Designed by Vanacci, the celestial bracelet is the latest addition to the futuristic Lockstone range. A range of fragranced jewellery inspired by the furthest reaches of outer space.

Can You Smell What Vanacci’s Cooking?

Thanks to Vanacci’s unique Lockstone material, the high-tech/high altitude pairing means users can infuse both their stylish, contemporary wrist wear alongside their favourite fragrance.

With a few simple sprays, it captures any scent and retains the aroma for up to seven times longer than simply wearing an eau du cologne directly on the skin.


Sean Sykes, Vanacci creative director, brings the massive down to the microscopic scale by seeing “the planets and our home as inspiration for Solaris”. This pays homage to the greatest jewels we can see and gives them a home close to us in a multi-sensory form of discreet, minimal jewellery.


Out Of This World

There are five designs in the Solaris range, each made from a suitably celestial material. The Solaris Black bracelet has Vanacci’s signature minimalist aesthetic which fuses the space age Lockstone polymer with timeless black agate stone at its core.

What’s more, the jet black, polished edges hint at the darkness of space, while retaining a modern, ultra wearable appeal that’ll keep your style dazzling like the stars above.

Now for a Biology lesson (don’t worry, we’ll be quick!) The Solaris bracelet draws on the specific science of capillary action. Sounds fancy, eh? Well it’s pretty simple!

Water molecules are drawn deep into the material which slowly migrate back up to the surface through osmosis (that thing we learnt about and forgot in High School). After this, the water evaporates and releases your chosen fragrance for a slow, sustained release.




Along with the five designs including the nautical cord bracelet, there’s also Solaris Meteor, made from vesicular basalt, a key component of the earth’s oceanic crust, Solaris Nebula, which features bright metallic crystals and Solaris IO, made from obsidian, a material formed in the chaotic seconds after a volcanic eruption.

The range ends with the Solaris Aurora, forged from highly polished lapis lazuli stones (sparkly!) Each design features the patent-pending Lockstone technology, to harness and emphasise the wearer’s signature scent or fragrance.

Where To Buy Them

So there you have it!

Solaris is the perfect addition to Lockstone, and to your wardrobe. For the wearer, fragrances last longer with a single spray, giving expensive designer scents a longer life and an aroma which can be sustained far beyond a single day’s wear.

Vanacci has launched a Kickstarter campaign to support the launch of Solaris, exceeding its fundraising target in less than twenty-four hours. To find out more visit the Kickstarter Campaign or their official site here.