Date Ideas for 2020

Love is in The Air and we are embracing it fully. Bask in the atmosphere and spoil your loved ones this season. If you’re struggling to think of ideas to do with your S.O then we have you covered.

Indoors Picnic

The weather becomes a huge drawback for any outdoor plans, but why not bring the outdoors indoors and create your own indoors picnic. Grab the blankets and pillows of the bed and create a safe haven on the floor. Stay cosy and warm, even pop on a film to complete the mood.

Cook Off

Feeling competitive? Nothing wets the appetite more than a bit of rivalry, and a cook off is just the thing to do this. See who is the best chef and battle to see who comes out top. One of you do the main, the other master the dessert and see who reigns.

Mini Golf

If you want to venture out, relive your childhood and play some mini-golf. It’s so fun and super easy on a budget. This will bring out the playful nature and see who is the better golfer.

Retro-Night at the Arcades

Make a night of it and dress up in your best 80’s outfit when you hit the arcades. Shoot some hoops or score pucks on the air hockey. This is a perfect idea for the playful couple, or to bring out the playfulness.

Bar Crawl

For the rowdy more out-there couple, why not hit the town and see how many bars you can visit? Stay safe and keep it level, but why not have a few cocktails to celebrate the night of love?


Need we say more? Whether you attempt to make it yourself, or order in takeout, pizza is always a winner.

Netflix and.. chill

The classic in all things cosy. Have a night in infront of the TV and see where it leads you. Onto a binge of a three series drama, or onto your own three part saga.

Wine ’n’ Dine.. Home by Nine

For the mum’s and dad’s of our readership, we recommend this one for those who still need to catch those z’s. Dance, drink and party to your hearts content, as long as you’re home by 9 for the babysitter!

Star-gazing on the Beach

Keep it simple and calm with a serene walk along the beach. Lay back and watch as the stars glisten above and see what you can see. The perfect romantic occasion and the perfect silent love bubble for you to live in.

Wine Tasting

Splash out on this special occasion with a fancy wine tasting trip. Live your best life and sip from the finest grapes can offer. It’s the perfect opportunity to try and taste new flavours and see which the other likes or dislikes.

Flower bath

Spoil your S.O and draw them a long bath with rose petals and oils. Fill the bathroom with floral scents and light candles to create a warm ambience.

Spa Day

If you’re looking to push the budget, treat both of you to a spa retreat or a massage. Nothing relieves stress than a professional massaging you in all the right places.