How To Use Fashion To Help Meet Your Weight Loss Goals

Weight loss is one of the most overrated concepts in our current era. Slim models, actors, singers, celebrities, all make us feel like we need to fit in their clothes. Yes, we’d look great if we could do it. But often the benefits are outweighed (no pun intended) by the pressure. Some extra weight is fine, and potential partners are not looking for a man with a swimmer’s body.

However, weight loss is crucial for those with current or potential health problems. If you’re struggling to lose the weight that is putting you in danger or harming your quality of life, there is plenty you can do without simply trying to give up on food.

Start by researching what the best weight loss program is. Going it alone is so much harder than when you have an actual plan in place.

And then it’s time to get some incentive. Fashion can be the best incentive there is.

Begin with your existing wardrobe

If you’ve just put on the weight recently, you no doubt have a wardrobe full of clothes that no longer fit. Some of them will be worn out or out of style anyway. It’s time to give these away. But other items will always be in style or will come back for a season.

Make it one of your goals to fit into these clothes again. If there are items that you have a particular soft spot for, all the better.


Determine your best body type

Next, you can make it your goal to fit into a certain style of clothing. Don’t just pick a size and aim for that. Not only is that unrealistic, but it can harm your process. Not everyone should fit into the same clothing. In fact, fashion looks best when it is suited to your body type.

So, try to determine what your best body type will look like. Look through catalogues to see the sorts of items you think will suit you when you’ve lost a bit of weight. Ask an honest third party – your spouse, sibling, close friend – for their opinion on what looks good on you. And aim to fit in those clothes.

The reason this is such a great incentive is that it is realistic. A vague goal of having a good enough body to look like a celebrity will get you nowhere. Even if you lose enough weight, you might not have the look you think you need. But when you cater to your body type and looks, you will look your best. It will be a more unique look, suited to you, and you’ll totally rock it.

At its worst, fashion can lead to an unhealthy ideal, and pressure to be something you’re not. But when approached correctly, it will be the best expression of who you are. It will help you bring out the true you, achieving all your weight loss goals along the way.