How to Update your Basics with Accessories, According to the Pros

So there you are, standing in front of your closet, completely at a loss. We’ve been there. Even when we weren’t trapped at home, it’s easy to grow tired of your day-to-day outfits.

But you don’t need to start from scratch when you meet the world again. You invested in those basics because you wanted them to survive time, trend and global pandemic. And now, all you need are the right accessories to update your favourite outfits.

To help choose those finishing details, we turned to Danish men’s accessory brand, Trendhim. With over 14 years in the game and a selection of unique products that rivals anything you’ll find on the high street, Trendhim is the place for all things style. Ahead, see how watches, rings, bracelets and necklaces can breathe new life into your pre-lockdown basics.

“It all starts with your watch,” says Mikkel Andersen, Creative Director of Trendhim. “Not only does the right timepiece set your look apart, but it also says something about who you are and the story you want to tell.”

“It’s the idea that your time is dependent on you that makes an automatic watch the ultimate style upgrade. Combine that with a skeleton dial and you’ve got a front-row seat to the hypnotising movement that powers every second.”

It’s all about looking at time differently – whether that’s through a cutaway dial or with something totally unique. Why not spin time upside down with the Ambitio watch collection from Trendhim. With these, you read the time by looking at the stationary arrow and the numbers behind it. It’s not the traditional way to tell the time, but according to the Danish design team who created it, this collection wasn’t made for the average guy. It’s for the man who wants to seize each moment and see every second in a new way. Something we all need after the insanity of 2020.

And as Mikkel adds, “You don’t need to spend £38K on a watch to get a quality timepiece. The key is to buy one that’s well-made and well-designed. The story you want to tell shouldn’t get trapped by a price tag.” With Trendhim’s selection of watches, this advice is even easier to take.

After months of lockdown and the death of the handshake, now’s your chance to reward your well-washed hands with a new ring.

We’re focusing on signet rings for a style upgrade. What was once reserved for mob bosses and royalty now comes in styles that work beyond the palace. And, if last year taught us anything, it’s that you’ve got to be prepared. With that in mind, surgical-grade stainless steel is the way to go. This metal is rust- and tarnish-resistant and stands up to constant handwashing.

As for styling, Trendhim’s Creative Director suggests, “Make sure that the metal of your ring matches whatever other metals you’re wearing – like the strap on your watch. This gives everything from your suit to jeans an uncluttered, streamlined look.”

No matter how careful you want to be, social distancing doesn’t apply to watches, rings or bracelets. As long as they match, feel free to wear them together. Mikkel reminds us that “texture is the most important thing when combining accessories. If you’re wearing a smooth steel ring, add a bracelet with something like porous lava stone for a nice contrast.”

With over 460 unique bracelets at Trendhim, finding one you like won’t be the problem. Just make sure that the one you choose is proportional to your size and fits correctly. This boils down to large bracelets for thick wrists and small bracelets for thin ones.

“Anything with significant weight, like a chunky steel chain bracelet, should be fitted, while lighter bracelets can have more freedom. The perfect fit is when your bracelet has a bit of extra space between it and your wrist – enough to slip 1 or 2 fingers in – but not so much that it flies off when you hail a cab.”

The same bracelet rules apply to necklaces, too. Find one that is proportional to your size and matches the metals you have on. A thick steel chain might look great on IG, but how’s it going to work with the suit you’re planning on wearing when you finally trade your dining table for a desk?

Trendhim has a selection of over 340 necklaces that were designed for men. That’s important because it means that a man’s proportions and active lifestyle were taken into consideration. They stock everything from subtle pieces that slip nicely under a button-down, to statement-making Thor’s hammer necklaces to spice up any dating profile.

Trendhim knows that we’re all more than one story. Unlike our wardrobe basics, the way we express ourselves isn’t the same today as it was last year or even last week. The man who arrives suited and booted to work has something different to say when he’s at the pub with his mates (trust us, that’ll happen again). Your story changes.

And for each of those stories… there’s Trendhim.