Universal Works “Workshop Denim”

At MFM we’re always talking about evolving. The fashion world is all about this, about looking at what has been done before and creating something new from it. Universal Works has done just this, noting that the denim world resides primarily within America or Japan whilst recreating a vintage look. They’ve gone travelling and returned home, sourcing their vintage look from Portugal and making the jeans in the centre of England.

universal works 1

So what, we ask, makes these jeans different from all others? Universal Works have said, “we have decided to keep things simple; making a European Jean, from vintage narrow loomed denim, in two great fits that still take into account he needs of the contemporary man, keeping them unwashed so you can make them your own, and selling them at the best possible price.”

universal works-2

There’s something quite patriotic yet open about Universal Works, a kind of gentle collaboration. A collaboration between the sourced country – Portugal – and the place to which the jeans are made – England. Intertwined with this, are the elements of honesty. The jeans have been deliberately unbranded on the outside so to make it universal whilst balancing specificity. What the jeans resemble and have make it different.

For starters a unique pocket shape which they have described as “unassuming”. Then we have a pocket that is finished with a ghost patch. The range is heralded for its good fit and simplicity that the garments have.

universal works 3

The two fits on offer were launched on April 4th, at a price of £135, shadowing the quiet modesty that the brand is striving for. Universal Works is questioning, experimenting and, above all, making.

To show off the new range Universal Works have created a stop motion video which you can check out below and dabble in the questioning atmosphere that flares the brand’s range.