Unique Gift Ideas for Christmas

Christmas is usually a time we relate to big meals, cold winter, thick sweaters and snow, but this time around, we bring you a unique selection of gift ideas that will make you feel that this season is the most stylish, relaxing and luxurious of them all.

Start with a Cashmere Check Dressing Gown by Nottingham designer Daniel Hanson.

You should keep in mind that your style is built not only on the street but also inside your home, and the better you feel with yourself when you’re alone, the better you’ll feel with others.

By doing so, the image you project will certainly leave an indelible mark. Daniel Hanson is a great choice if you want to feel like the royalty and wake up to the best fabric and style.


Source: Pexels

Remember that Friends’ episode in which Joey is mocked for wearing a men’s bag? That was more than a decade ago and things have changed a lot since then.

Tom Ford’s Buckley Leather Flat Trapeze Bag is crafted in calf leather and you can choose to either carry it with the handles or use the removable strap. Its size is perfect and it is both smart and casual, which means it works great in formal as well as informal events.

The bag, which is designed with great sophistication, also has a laptop holder pocket, making it quite handy if you’re one to carry your computer with you everywhere you go.

 fragrance bottle

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What comes to your mind when you think about the Amalfi coast? Picturesque towns, excellent food and perhaps great limoncello.

This beautiful southern Italian region is also one of the biggest lemon producers of the country, which is why a fragrance inspired in the Amalfi gardens could not be anything else than citrus. Jardin d’Amalfi by Creed is a unique perfume that not everyone can afford – just like a holiday on the Amalfi coast – but that has the power to transport you to the most amazing enclaves of the Salerno Gulf, inspiring you to feel as unique and sexy as those Italian settings are. And trust us, this will show.

man swimming in water

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Get ready to fly far away and stay at a luxury resort – like Jay Z’s favourite One&Only – in the paradisiac Bahamas islands.

This unbeatable destination for a Christmas getaway will certainly lead to an unforgettable celebration at the beach until sunrise if you decide to stick until New Year’s Eve, as the Bahamas’ renowned nightlife will just keep you going.

Hit the islands to enjoy this holiday in a different way as you get the perfect tan, dip into the Caribbean sea, drink a cocktail, go swimming with the dolphins, relax on the sand and get the chance to do workout outdoors. No one will look as good as you when Christmas is over.


Source: Pexels

You don’t always have time to grab a proper breakfast with proper coffee, so you might as well have the option of making your own at home. Among a wide selection of coffee machines, we’ve chosen the De’Longhi Magnifica Bean to Cup (for perfectly strong espressos and foamy cappuccinos) because you can get your coffee straight from fresh beans, plus, we like its exquisite, polished design. It’ll look great at your place, which will make you look great too.


Source: Pexels

Whether you do it before, after or during Christmas, a trip to Siena is always worthwhile, especially if you intend to visit Essere Spa, one of the most luxurious spas in the world.

Located at the hilltop Castello di Casole and built in the former wine cellar of the castle, this spa offers treatments based on local ingredients (rosemary, grape, olive oil) and hosts idyllic pools, as well as steam baths in which you can lay back after enjoying a wine tasting session or before hitting the delicious restaurant of this amazing Tuscan gem.

So if you decide to stay home and wear a luxurious night gown while you drink exquisite coffee and smell great, or choose to pack your sophisticated bag and travel away to hit the spa or go diving, we wish you a merry Christmas and hope – of course – that you enjoy it in style.