Undecorated MAN AW14 Collection

It’s always exciting when details and images of an upcoming collection come to light. But in the case of Yoshio Kubo’s designs for the latest undecorated MAN Fall/Winter collection, excitement is an understatement. Merging hunting wear and retro styles, Kubo has created a selection of clothes that will become a landmark of 2014’s winter.

Winter may seem far away but the undecorated MAN collection shows the forward thinking for the season. The colours show a direct transition from fall to winter, beginning with navy and deep reds, then edging into khaki and burgundy. The use of these colours highlights the hunting wear feel, collars resembling fur and thick, knit fabrics.

The retro style comes into play with large coats, blocked colour shirts and bomber jackets. As well as this, we have nylon trackpants and muted sweats to add to this vision of the 2014 winter. As well as this, Kubo, evidently, understands the importance of accessories something you know we, here at MFM feel strongly about.

image 1

Kubo has used Nordic patterns, used on jumpers and boots but also on the beanies in the collection. The patterns pull together and are co-ordinated in a way that expresses an appreciation for the season but also for style. Kubo is pulling in old connotations and motifs of winter fashion but bringing a new dimension to it.

This new dimension is expressed with the ankle boots, finishing some of the trousers above. Here, the transition from fall to winter is expressed again but through another form. Here, it’s a new way of envisaging what winter has to hold and how we, as fashion lovers, can incorporate and do something different. It seems oblivious but it’s, in fact, a stamp of subtlety.

image 2

Check out the look book. Get as excited as we are. We assure you, as fans of the undecorated MAN fall/winter collection, you will be too.