TYLRD: The Non-Conventional Menswear Street Couture

TYLRD – or tailored – is an exciting new menswear street couture brand, established in December 2014. Founded by brothers Sam and Noah, the brand combines their Sri Lankan roots with their German upbringing and their time spent studying and working in London. This cultural bricolage is one of the many factors which sets the brand apart from others.

tylrd 22

TYLRD is driven by a minimalist aesthetic, interweaving streetwear with tailored accents and timeless detailing. The result? The curb and the catwalk have been merged, creating a range of clothing for those who want to stand out from the crowd.

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As TYLRD themselves have said, their philosophy is to “create a look that is sensual and tough, classically advanced and masculine, whilst also embracing relevant fragments of couture”.

The brand produce clothing for a broad diversity of male characters who are all united in their desire to wear stylish clothing that is definitive of who they are. The brand has already established a unique and distinct identity, certainly impressive given its short history.

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TYLRD focuses on producing a tightly edited but cohesive collection of clothing with limited volumes of each item, ensuring each product brings an exclusive element to his wearer.

Furthermore, TYLRD pays great attention to the materials used and the consistent use of quality fabric. The brand state that “we work closely with our factories to ensure an eclectic range of materials that meet our standards”.

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Head on over to www.tylrd.de to check out the brand’s exciting range of clothing. If that’s hasn’t persuaded you, then this will. Men’s Fashion Magazine readers are entitled to a 25% discount if you use the discount code MFMTYLRD25. In addition to this, there is free delivery on all orders over €150. Start the year in style without breaking the bank.