Turner & Asser + Globe-Trotter Travel Case Collaboration

You may not usually associate stylish shirt-makers Turnbull & Asser with iconic luggage manufacturer Globe-Trotter. However, the two have recently collaborated to produce a set of tasteful, limited edition luggage cases.What happens when you combine Turnbull & Asser’s distinct English elegance with Globe-Trotter’s iconic cases? You get a delicately crafted travel case that captures both companies’ emphasis for original design, traditional craftsmanship, and timeless style.

turner 1

According to Dean Gomilsek-Cole, Head of Design at Turnbull & Asser, the company wanted to ‘find a company that shared Turnbull & Asser’s passion for quality and craftsmanship, but who looked towards an innovative future.’ In this, they have certainly succeeded. Globe-Trotter have skilfully adapted their classic cases for the new generation of traveller. While the cases encompass the characteristics of Original Globe-Trotter models, they also have a modern, revitalised finish, complete with leather trim.

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The cases are lined with Turnbull & Asser’s iconic blue gingham – poplin fabric, which they notably use for their shirts. The classic suitcase has been sophisticatedly rejuvenated. Made in England, the cases boast of a vulcanised fibreboard exterior, which provides better water and abrasion resistance than leather. Furthermore, a lightweight, retractable handle with a crafted wooden handgrip demonstrates both company’s keen eye and passion for detail.

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The travel cases, which were launched on the 21st July, come in two cabin-friendly sizes. The 18’’ case is priced at £950, and the 21’’ costs £1150. The bags are exclusively available at the Turnbull & Asser store on Jermyn Street, and at www.turnbullandasser.co.uk. According to Turnbull & Asser, ‘all you need is a reason to travel’. However, with this travel case, you might not even need that.