Turnbull & Asser Create Wall Mural On New York Townhouse

Established in 1885, the name Turnbull & Asser exudes quintessential elegance and classic design. The bespoke shirt-maker and clothier has flagship stores in both Jermyn Street, London, and in New York City.

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Situated on 57th Street at Park Avenue, the Turnbull & Asser New York townhouse is well known as a prime retail location. With the addition of the Turnbull & Asser artwork on the side of the building, the townhouse is becoming a fashion statement itself.

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Starting on November 22nd, Turnbull & Asser will unveil a special wall mural stretching over three floors of the 57th street-townhouse. The mural has been created by Colossal Media, the largest hand painted mural and outdoor advertising company in the world.

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When asked what inspired the distinct design of the mural, graphic designer David Calderley stated that it was a nod to the city’s forgotten art. “In New York City, if one looks hard enough, there are still a few ‘Ghost Signs’.

Faded paintings from the 20s and 30s, hand painted advertisements for garment makers, milliners and other trades from the great manufacturing era of downtown Manhattan.”

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James Fayed, who sits on Turnbull & Asser’s board and heads U.S. operations, agrees that the mural will be a work of art in its own right. “We are enthusiastic about showcasing a piece of our brand legacy on such a prominent exterior wall on our 57TH street flagship townhouse, where the painting will weather and age, yet the design will remain relevant for years to come.”

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If you’re interested in the design process, the brand have also created a short film depicting the process. Patterning, mixing paints & rigging are the three major components before any paint is even brushed onto wall. Patterns are created to transfer the artwork onto the surface of the wall.

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If you don’t have the time to fly over to New York to get a look for yourself, you’ll have to content yourself with a pocket square. Using the mural image as a backdrop, they come in grey, pink and navy, and are available at website for £75. Slightly cheaper than plane tickets.