Tudor. Personal Tailor’s 3D Technology App Helps You Create Your Own Shoe Design – How Does It Work?

Investing in new technologies like AR, VR or design software is the new trend for more and more fashion eCommerce out there that want to enhance the online shopping experience, and help customers “try on” their products before buying. And this happens to be very much present when it comes to customizing shoes.

One of the first type of companies to offer shoe customization were major sneaker names, and now, the men’s dress shoe industry takes its turn and delivers an easy to use 3D tool for all gentlemen out there.

Tudor. Personal Tailor, a European fashion label of British inspiration and Italian craftsmanship implemented a 3D app that helps customers customize and “engrave their footprint” on the shoe pair of choice.

As a result, they’ve upped the game in the dress shoe industry by introducing this technology that lets you become the designer of your own dress shoes and gives you a sneak peek in the manufacturing process. As a customer, you can “step into the designer’s shoes” and customize your envisioned pair of elegant footwear.

This is where you can try out Tudor Tailor’s digital 3D customizing shoes app. With a wide range of options to play with, the app displays a variety of fabrics, prints, and paints to help create the ultimate dapper shoes for any elegant event or ceremony.

On that note, you should know that we’ve tried the app and gone through every step of the DIY process. Stay tuned to hear more about our experience and what we think of the end result in terms of quality and finishes!

How Can You Customize a New Pair of Dress Shoes?

The 3D tool provides the client with options to choose every detail for the shoes.
The creative process starts with what type of shoe you want to the choice of fabric for each shoe section to a pallet of various shades for laces, soles, linings or even the outer seams and other ornamental details.

Type of dress shoes. When it comes to style, you can decide whether they opt for the Whole Cut, Oxford, Full Brogue, Derby, Double or Single Monks, Loafers, to name a few of the styles available, not to mention slippers and casual footwear that are already familiar to the customization world.

After you select the type of shoe, the next step is to choose the ins and outs as you’ll browse through every part and section of the footwear. For instance, you’ll come across the toe shapes like the Zurgio, a rounded traditional English look toe, the Monti, a slightly square elegant Classic toe and the Salive, the sleek-looking, hardly chiseled toe.

If you’re new to the dress shoe world and it all sounds rather fancy and costly, stop – it’s not. These are all easy to choose without having any prior experience with elegant footwear.

Everything from the dress welt, vamp, outsole, heel cap, and the insole, lining, and stitching will be much easier than imagined, provided with numerous colors displayed in the app’s palette.

“The mix and match online experience proves to be much more exciting and creative as the customers become the designers and find the exact combination that wears their imprint”, says Alin Copindeanu, the CEO of Tudor. Personal Tailor.

Another cool feature is the burnished finish filter, which is an essential part of the tool that gives any pair of shoes a distinct look and creates a variation in shades and tones suitable for any gentlemen.

From the usual leather soles that come in different patterns and shapes, another option is the dainite sole – a brand of rubber footwear soles, manufactured by the English company, Harboro Rubber, with a remarkable all-weather grip and thus, an elegant choice for rainy days or slippery surfaces.

“We want to innovate and improve the customer experience through an intuitive, easy to use app that will allow anybody to design their envisioned shoe. By presenting the footwear in a three-dimensional environment, you can analyze it and customize it in detail, from any angle you want.”, describes Alin the creative process.

How Much Does a Customized Pair of Dress Shoes Cost?

Even if it might look like an expensive option, Tudor Tailor believes in affordable luxury – so a custom pair ranges from 360€ to 490€, depending on your own taste for leather, finishes, and type of shoes.

It takes less than 4 weeks from when you submit your design to receiving them at the door (and yes, they ship internationally!).

“It doesn’t matter if you only settled for the off the rack, ready to wear shoes. The experience of stepping into the creator’s shoes and picking your own features for the perfect shoe is something that anybody should try at least once.”

Why a 3D Interactive App in Men’s Dress Shoe Industry?

The e-commerce sector shows to be benefiting from technological breakthroughs. This functionality dedicated to the fashion sector appears to be a good business investment, and customers worldwide, who prefer to invest more and more intelligently in authentic and quality products are definitely trying out the latest trends in fashion via technology.

Here’s why Tudor. Personal Tailor management invested in what they consider to be the future of e-commerce in fashion and online shopping:

“We are a brand that promotes authentic, classical values ​​and elegance, but that doesn’t mean we steer away from technology – we have always paid special attention to digitalization and have succeeded in implementing the latest technologies to make an enjoyable experience for our all international customers. “, said Alin Copîndeanu, CEO and co-founder of Tudor. Personal Tailor.

For Tudor. Personal Tailor, this digital leap means adapting to the needs of the current market and simplifying the “behind the scenes” working processes. For buyers, a technology that allows them to “test” products means a greater degree of control over what they buy and what their lifestyles look like.

Worldwide Access to the App

Tudor. Personal Tailor stepped out in support of digital clients worldwide with this user-friendly tool. For added comfort, this app proves to be very efficient for men with special requirements and particularities in the creation process (an atypical shape of the sole, very small or large sizes), customizing to the most difficult specifications.

Check out this app for men’s dress shoes and put your mark on the perfect pair of shoes customized to your needs and wants!