Try the ‘New Normal’ drink clean and be sober!

If you’re thinking of taking a break in this New year, for whatever reason, health, fitness, no hangovers after a night out, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t try non-alcohol drinks. There are a hundred and one reasons for taking a break from drinking, weekend benders ruin your weekend, hangovers from hell and although there is evidence in support of moderate alcoholic drinking, antioxidants in a glass of wine, and the mood-boosting effects, of most drinks, sometimes, it’s great to take a break and enjoy finding a great tasting non-alcoholic gin, vodka, or any spirits.

Indeed, there is the driving that also is a major factor, but dry drinking doesn’t have to mean dull drinking! Is it time to change when there are times you want to drink but not alcohol? Times have changed, and people have changed. It’s a great time to try and experiment with non-alcoholic spirits, and even beer and just go sober! You can enjoy the night, drink and be happy unknowing you’ll feel and look amazing the next day!

When you want to avoid alcohol, it has become easier and easier to find great-tasting non-alcoholic drinks to satisfy your taste buds. At CleanCo they have worked hard to create a range of full-flavoured non-alcoholic alternatives full-strength spirits that we know you’ll just love. On the plus side, these sophisticated drinks have a fraction of the calories like other drinks and that’s a bonus!

Striving to produce the most authentic range of non-alcoholic drinks the Clean Co drinks started with Clean G Editions, going on to Clean R, flavoured G Editions and also a canned range of ready to drink cocktails.

The Clean R:  A rum alternative, this is an amazing tasting golden spiced Caribbean drink that gives you undertones of golden caramel and cayenne pepper. Which gives you a smidge of bitterness to stabilize its exceptional sweetness and a little touch of cayenne pepper earthy piquancy for that finishing balance.

The Clean G Rhubarb: A gin alternative, will give you red berries and rhubarb. When you infuse these two and mix them up it’s a delicious way of mixing them up and you’ll be singing its praises. Don’t be fooled into thinking that rhubarb will ever be one dimensional, try sipping this neat to experience the nuanced flavours. Non-alcoholic pink gin at its finest.

Buy online: CleanCo