Trends – Tie Dye

Tie-Dye, dip-dye, call it what you will, the bottom line is, this is a trend that has come a long way since those halcyon hippy days of the 70’s. No more is this the preserve of free-spirited, acid induced revelers who saw the world through a purple haze, this is a trend very much part of the main stream.

dye 1

From hip skate brands such as HUF and Stussy to high-street / e-commerce behemoths including the likes of Topman and ASOS, through to the high-end designers from Band of Outsiders, Kolor and Vuitton, tie-dye is a trend very much at the forefront of fashion this season and beyond.

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However, while this trend has captured the zeitgeist of modern men the world over, crossing the tricky terrain of tie-dye is no easy feat. It can often be difficult to combine this maze of colour and pattern within the rest of your wardrobe and pairing it up with your other clothes to make an outfit is by no means an easy task.

dye 3

The key here is to keep the rest of your outfit plain – or if you do decide to add some more colour, ensure it is a single block colour and one that is not too bright (think pastel colours such as sky blue, or pale yellow).

Your choice of particular tie-dye garments are also paramount to ensuring you do not look as though you are a lost child of the 70’s or its brief rebirth in the Acid House ‘inspired’ 90’s. Essentially stick to t-shirts or shirts – unless you are a punk or really aren’t afraid or being mocked by your mates, tie-dye trousers are a no-no and shorts do not fare much better.

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This may all sound a little strict and as though we are giving you a list of do’s and don’ts but we know there are many men out there who would never even consider tie-dye as a clothing option so we feel it is better to dip your toe in before you dive-bomb into the deep end; this is very much a trend – we’d be surprised if it outlasts another summer – so be wary when you start shopping around and for once I would suggest playing it safe is the best option.

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So, if you are going to embrace tie-dye this summer, here’s a few ways in which you can make this trend work…


Glastonbury may have been and gone but there are still an abundance of music festivals across the UK and Europe this summer where your tie-dye t-shirt will not look out of place; if anything festival season is the perfect excuse to wear this summer trend. Denim or chino shorts and a pair of flip-flops or trainers ensure this look will have you partying like a Woodstock hippy or 90’s Nu-raver whatever the weather.

blue dyed shirtstretched light shortsroyal new balance

asos round sunglassnixon teller watchseven wrap bracelet


Trying to make tie-dye part of your formal wardrobe is akin to pinning jelly to the wall but that’s not to say you cannot at least try. The key here is don’t be too elaborate in your choice of colours – may we suggest more subtle colours such as navy, white and or black and red (as opposed to the usual electric blues, yellows and greens) and team up a tie-dye shirt – untucked of course – with a pair of straight leg, rolled hemmed, black jeans (don’t wear skinny jeans, you’ll look like something out of TOWIE) and a pair of black brogues.

black shining jumpershonechris shirtsmax mens jeans

missus office shoeswebbed river beltsmetal asos sungalss


Not many people can attempt the cool Californian skater look and we suggest unless you’re south of your early 20’s, you give this look a miss. However, trends being treads this look would appear to be ‘in’ with the youth of today and thus earns it place at the fashion table on merit. Baggy tie-dye tees, loose jersey shorts, trainers, caps and backpacks are the order of the day for this look.

stussy college teegrey topman shortsvans trainers

new era capsnylon marc backpackbarton matches glasses


Tie-dye, like all things fashion, will not be for everyone and if you are a naysayer I can understand your suspicions but everything is worth trying once, is it not? People may think this a trend merely for teens and TOWIE victims but there can be an element of tact in your tie-dye ensemble; you do not have to wear the brighter colours and if worn with the correct clothes, can in fact be a fine option for the summer months.