TRENDHIM ACCESSORIES Not a bracelet, it’s wristwear, Dad

Recent times have definitely seen a rise in the amount of men wearing jewellery now, with guys like Shawn Mendes leading the way literally everywhere, you guys should be investing and wearing more bracelets. But, finding the perfect bracelet to elevate an outfit is not easy when you’re looking at giving it to your dad on Fathers Day. There’s a lot to think about, would he wear it, what would he like, what colour would suit him, would he like it more to the point and you will have a gage your dads personality and dress sense to give him the perfect present.

So the colour metal if you are thinking about a chain bracelet, make his watch the anchor as it will need to compliment his watch, whether the jewellery be silver or gold and if he wants to wear it all the time, not to bulky but one that will make a statement or even the beautiful hardware that a leather bracelet adorns. Bracelets retain that real sense of masculinity whilst on the flip side do convey (maybe of days gone by) a notion of tasteful rebellion with their eye-catching sleek appearance.

Chain bracelets tend to be chunky and very distinctive, these are probably best worn standalone, solo on your wrist. So your dad should wear it on the opposite side to his watch, or he will have a huge weight on one wrist. Maybe he’s a cuff man, a versatile little number that slips off easily when he’ll need to take it off, and these bracelets will be  easy the eye on his wrist, as they are far from being feminine. Your Dad, as with everything, should be able to wear jewellery with confidence – especially with metal bracelets, just work under the concept that sometimes less is more if your dad is a minimalist. He doesn’t need to give off the appearance of a manacled prisoner.

From leather cuffs  that can be quite rakish and for your dad to be ready for some cool flowy linen outfits and a vacay to Ibiza, beaded bracelets that doesn’t always equate to merrier, but with Tendhim bracelets, it does. And with an ID band, there is a wealth of options for you to buy your dad for Fathers Day, ID bracelets will always have their military connotations if he comes from a service background. Using it as the anchor of his wrist-acular adventures, it’s a great way to keep things grounded while saucing things up elsewhere, like his fashion style. 

Now your dad’s getting out and about, free from the shackles of cold spring, bulky sweaters and coats, it’s time to give him some wrist flair.