Travel In Style With Alaskan Leather Company

Traveling is a passion mankind has embraced since ancient times. It`s an indication that the soul is still alive and the person still dares to dream. If you`re a frequent traveler with a passion for exploring, you know fairly well how important a role a bag has in your travel plans and their success. A reliable travel luggage bag or carry-on bag is an important component for a fulfilling trip as it carries your essentials and takes abuse of travel. This is where Alaskan Leather Company, a relatively newer name on the horizon has been making waves recently with their original cowhide leather backpacks and travel bags. 

What`s So Cool About Alaskan`s Travel Bags, Backpacks

The thing about Alaskan Leather Company`s travel bags and backpacks has been their ability to craft functional luggage carriers in a plethora of different designs and attractive leather hues, and finishes. The company has not picked on a certain line of leather but instead has crafted bags with a variety of different types of leather finishes in different colors providing you with options aplenty to select your leather travel bag of choice. To top off, all their bags are crafted with original full-grain leather, which is the sturdiest, topmost leather hide. 

If you want to carry a distinguished style statement on your next trip, Alaskan Leather Company provides you with options that are hard to ignore.

Let`s take a look at some classic options available for customers to choose from for their travel luggage carrier.

 Leather Travel Bags Range

Travel bags crafted with original leather are a luxury accessory. As much as they provide a function for storing your various travel essentials, their graceful appearance and vintage aging are a thing to savor. Alaskan offers all shapes from duffle, rectangular, and sack shapes to flight bag designs. You get a range of options to choose from while there`s no shortage of color options either. 

Function-wise, these reliable carriers offer a variety from simplistic central chamber bags to multi-compartment/multi-pocket options. Alaskan also offers these bags in more than one size offering you the luxury to choose a size that suits your travel game. 

Leather Backpacks

Alaskan leather backpacks are perfect support bags and day traveling options while you`re out exploring a new city or urban center around the globe. With dedicated laptop sleeves and multiple internal, and external slots, pockets, and chambers along with padded shoulder straps you have a durable option that should serve you providing comfort, style, and function together with durability. 

Once again, Alaskan takes the cut with different stylish designs in mini backpacks, laptop backpacks, and travel backpack designs that are functional yet artistic in looks. 

Alaskan leather backpacks come in signature black and brown leather shades that provide these travel packs with a unique personality. From grainy black leather to cognac brown shade, these packs are tough and adventure-ready.  

Opulent Leather Finishes 

With style element being at the heart of their philosophy, Alaskan Leather has used some enticing leather finishes and types to craft truly artistic and rugged travel bags and backpacks. Mentioning a few personal favorites here.

  • Crazy Horse Leather

Among the toughest and most artistic leather types available to manufacture bags, Alaskan has used crazy horse leather to craft bags in both categories for travel i.e. travel bags and backpacks. Crafted with high-quality cowhide leather and given a truly vintage two-tone effect through the application of special wax, this is a hard-wearing leather type that makes for amazingly stylish yet mighty durable leather bags. 

  • Cognac Brown Shade Leather

Another frequently used tone of leather finish in Alaskan bags is the cognac two-tone brown shade which is arrived at with the application of finishing polish on a simple brown shade of leather. This shade provides a supreme timeless touch to leather bags giving them a truly vintage feel.  

It`s also the most popular shade on the site. 

  • Black Grainy Leather

Black leather with a prominent natural granular pattern all across is a distinct leather type used in crafting different Alaskan backpacks and travel bags. With a polished end appearance, bags made with this granular black leather look a class apart, right from the top draw.

Since a leather bag is a long-term investment plus a style tag, people love having them personalized with initials or gift them to business stakeholders. Guys at Alaskan provide personalization options without an MOQ

Personalized Style

An expert team of leather artisans, craftsmen, and pattern designers ensures this brand is well equipped to not just customize an existing design on their site but also manufacture a custom leather bag for travel from scratch. 

Check out some of the options available in customization with this brand

  • Change in design – Add an extra storage option, change in shoulder strap, add a luggage strap, etc.
  • Material change – Make a particular bag in different leather types/finishes, change lining fabric, printed lining, and different color hardware.
  • Initials/Name/Logo Placement – Not like many other brands that offer only one means of name personalization, the Alaskan leather company can emboss, deboss, embroider, or print your name or logo onto leather with no minimum order quantity. Want that truly one-in-a-kind leather bag for travel that no one else has, ask the Alaskan leather company to personalize one for you.

Travel With A Style Statement Made With Leather

Crafted with the sturdiest full-grain cowhide leather in mystic finishes, equipped with reliable hardware and cotton twill lining having spacious organization options, Alaskan leather travel bags and travel packs are an investment into a sublime travel experience. A vintage collector`s accessory that you can pass on to the next generation giving them an idea of your rich taste and timeless aesthetics.