Tough & Tumble

Hair styles, trends and lengths come and go, but keeping your locks looking clean and full of life is essential. Whether you have short hair, a longer tousled look that’s still popular with the young and older gents, a quiff, or a polished side part, the final step is styling. Of course how you style your hair will depend on your own personal look.

So first up is the world’s first Lava Pomade, made from natural, purifying, and detoxifying materials integrated with volcanic clay from South Asia and Africa. Containing a high amount of silica, this little tub will enrich the condition of your hair and give you a shine that’s long lasting and as brilliant as the moon.

Next is our great Solid and Shine Lava Pomade, infused with volcanic clay which will give you extreme holding power that will definitely make your well-groomed hair rock solid, but with a little flexibility. So if you have coarse-textured hair that needs just a bit of taming rather than full on ‘styling’ this is the pomade for you. And to top it off this little tub will also give you some polish and sparkle, always good to look your best guys.

Lastly, the Original Matte. Again infused with organic material volcanic clay, this robust clay will nourish and help control for endless styling. The matte finish also maintains the natural texture, so if you have messy, tousled hair then this is the perfect little tub for you. Medium hold power you can shape and restyle your hair during the day without that sticky or stiff feeling, maintaining the natural texture and will look so good that people usually won’t even know that you’re wearing any product at all. Result.

And if you want to keep all your grooming gear in one place, we have a rather nifty and handy smart Travel Roll, made with 100% PU water- proof leather with spacious sections to hold plenty of items like, razor, pomade, facial foam, and one of our great little metal combs! 

One of them is this smart The Wallet Metal Comb made from precision-crafted stainless steel and coated with a smooth finish, with fine tooth styles that work best on short hair and beards. This one has a few secrets, like a bottle opener, 3 size wrenches integrated for screwing stuff and comes in a nifty little leather sheath. And we have two other combs if this is not the one for you! 

We mean, put it in your back pocket guys.

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