Top Tips For Getting The Perfect Beard

Although women have numerous options for styling their look in multiple ways, men have more limited options.  But, many guys have tried experimenting with their beard – a trending style statement that’s quickly emerging.

From maintaining the perfect shape to getting the trimming just right, it’s actually easier than you may think to achieve the perfect beard – even though it does require a lot of patience, care and preparation.

If you’re considering growing a beard or have grown your beard out and are now looking for some pointers on how to best style it, we’ve got some top tips for you.

Keep Trimming

To maintain a neat and tidy look, it’s important to keep on top of trimming your beard. In order to ensure that your beard is always neat and tidy, it’s vital to regularly trim your neckline, moustache lip and upper cheeks.

One of the biggest mistakes that guys make when maintaining their beard is to trim it too often; this can often lead to problems that end up with you having to shave off the whole beard and start growing it all over again.

In order to avoid this, it’s important to make sure that you wait at least a month from growing your beard to trim it, and use a high-quality beard trimmer.


Regular maintenance of your beard is especially important to make sure that it always looks stylish and on trend. Keeping your beard clean is of utmost importance, and you should use a fine-toothed comb to make sure that it is smooth and tangle-free.

Washing your beard regularly with shampoo and conditioner is recommended to ensure that it remains clean and in good condition. You can use regular haircare products for this, or opt for specially designed beard care products. Keeping the sides of your beard short should also be an important part of your beard care routine; avoid bushy sideburns and ensure that the hair on your chin is always longer than that at the sides of your face.


Cater to Your Facial Shape

Different beard styles suit different face shapes; so you should always take your facial structure into account when you are styling your beard. If you have a square-shaped face and strong jawline, a light, but all-over beard is the best style option for you as this will make your face appear slender and less boxy. But, bear in mind that this style will mean trimming your beard all over regularly in order to ensure that it remains the right length.

On the other hand, men with triangular-shaped faces often tend to have pointed chins, and a longer, fuller beard can add weight to the chin and jawline, creating a more masculine facial shape.

Beards are definitely in right now, and growing a beard can certainly make you look a lot more fashionable. But, knowing how to properly look after your beard so that it always looks its best is essential.