Top Picks of Fragrances for Summer

What’s that smell? Could it be freedom, your invite for the vaccine or maybe the sweet smell of the pub? Perhaps, but I’m talking about that new summer fragrance, the one you’ll not only thank yourself for, but every person who hasn’t seen you for a year will also be grateful.

Fragrance picks up the baton left behind by your daily hygiene routine and carries you over the line. During the summer months it’s more important than ever to keep that fresh smell going all day, and a clean, floral spritz will do just that. Unlike in winter when you want a heavy smell of wood and leather lingering around you, summer calls for the opposite, so park the intense and get on board with light and fresh. Think David Gandy on a raft somewhere off the coast of Capri and you won’t go far wrong.

Thankfully I’ve saved you the task (and scent-induced headache) of dragging yourself around every fragrance shop on the high street, and put together a list of my favourites. No paper strip wagging in sight.

Lush – Dirty

If you’re a fan of energising wake-up calls and fine and fresh fragrances, then this is for you. A few spritzes of this invigorating spearmint, peppery tarragon and sandalwood and you’re good to go.

Zara – Bois De Vincennes

Inspired by a region of Paris, this fragrance has all the qualities that a summer fragrance should contain: violet leaves coupled with mandarin make a fantastic combo, all wrapped up with a touch of leather, perfect.

Chanel – Bleu de Chanel

Bleu de Chanel has been a firm favourite of men for years now and is seldom out of my bathroom cabinet. This aromatic and woody fragrance leaves a beautiful trail. The citrus notes paired with the woody whisper of dry cedar make a beautiful combination. This is a purchase you’ll be sure not to regret.

Laboratory Perfumes – Tonka

Tonka Bean is a beautiful ingredient in any fragrance, and when combined with tobacco, vanilla, pink pepper and orange, it creates an addictive scent, not only for you, but anyone lucky enough to catch a whiff.

Tom Ford – Lavender Extreme

Whilst lavender can often be an overlooked and misunderstood ingredient, Tom Ford has completely reworked it into a scent you have never experienced before. This really is one that has to be smelt to be believed, but get ready for your opinions on this plant to be changed.

Written by Tom Loughran