Top Jewelry Trends for Men in 2023

It’s no longer news that fashion changes and new trends come up thereafter. As against the general notion about women and their love for jewelry, today the narrative is gradually changing. Stylish men nowadays match their outfits with nice jewelry ranging from bracelets, and necklaces to wristwatches. 

If your slaying game still resembles that of 2022, it’s time to switch it up. Read this article more to get the latest jewelry trends you definitely should try out before it gets old-fashioned. 

Enjoy your reading!

  • Silver bracelet

One of the most spectacular jewelry pieces men wear in 2023 is a silver bracelet. This no-so-large item sparkles on the wrist and matches any piece of clothing. Bracelets have always been a part of men’s clothing since the early times and they served as a symbol of love and royalty. 

Today, it has become a must-have for stylish men and can be styled in different ways. When going for a casual look, use a bracelet that’s not bold to match your outfit. Even with one bracelet, your look will stand unique. Don’t forget to get some nice shades worn too.

Even with a professional look, your silver bracelet will make a statement for you. It will combine well with your wristwatch to give that stunning look you planned. 

  • Brooches and lapel pins

Once upon a time, everyone, both men and women had some sets of brooches in a variety of colors. While it seems as though the trend has reduced, it’s still one that men cherish and adds to their outfits in 2023. 

If you have no brooch except the branded ones, it’s time to hit the store to buy some nice ones. It’ll save you someday. 

Brooches and lapel pins will make you attract the right compliments. They are attached to jackets, suits, and coats. So, if you’re an everyday professional-looking buddy, you need a collection of these two jewelry pieces. 

You’ll be wowed at the number of heads your outfit will turn daily. 

  • Pendants

Another jewelry trend for men in 2023 is pendants. Pendants come as ornamental pieces inserted into a slim rope or chain worn around the neck. These, just like bracelets, are easily seen by others and bring you a ton of compliments. 

Pendants are available in different types and designs. You’re left with the option to select one that works for you. They can be worn with either Tees or shirts. 

However, when you’re on a shirt with a collar, the pendant must be tucked into the shirt. Don’t worry, a little piece will be revealed at the upper part of the shirt.  

As much as you want to showcase your pendant collection, it’s best to avoid wearing too many types at once. Also, pay good attention to the color match of each pendant piece you want to combine. A simple, but nice look is better than a lord of the rings looks. 

  • Wrist beads

You don’t fancy silver bracelets? Try beads then. Beads are fashion pieces that have maintained their use right from time till now. 

Today, it’s worn around by many for different purposes. Some for the hair, wrists, neck, etc. Beads have become refined to fit any look aside from the traditional fit it was majorly linked to. 

Either black or colored beads, you can decide to wear on any of your casual and professional fits. Men even give their partners customized wrist beads to be worn by both parties during their daily activities. 

Whichever type you choose to work with, wrist beads will make you gorgeous. 

  • Wristwatches

Wristwatches are a fave for many. They serve dual, or triple purposes. Asides from telling the time, wristwatches add a touch to your look, making it more enticing. A lot of people are obsessed with wearing wristwatches and would prefer to have them on when faulty. 

You should own more than one wristwatch and different designs as well. Search for analog, two-toned, sleek, gold, or silver wristwatches to pair with your look. You need to understand your preferred type however to avoid owning a collection of useless wristwatches. 

  • Rings

Men love rings too – not women alone. Many men would only wear the wedding bands alone on their fingers and prefer to go with other jewelry. But, it’s time to change this look. Men are doing a thing with rings in 2023 and the trend is one to look forward to. 

From bling rings, and bold ones to subtle types, rings are one accessory you should include in your wardrobe collection for your everyday drip in 2023. The best part of men’s rings is that they stay lit on any finger. So, you can have your wedding ring on one, while other fingers have other types. 

Before you adorn yourself with a lot of rings, it’s important to consider your outfit. For a more goofy appearance, you can fill your fingers with different rings, but a professional look will be questioned when your fingers look funny. 

If you’re indecisive about how to style your rings, a ton of celebs can be your fashion inspiration. Also, remember to always keep your rings safe from corrosive chemicals as they can easily damage the rings. (according to

  • Cuban Link Chains

These are very popular in the market and with men. They are designed as silver or golden small rings linked together to form a chain. These are extremely beautiful and fashionable. It also speaks a lot about your affluence and love for good things. You don’t want to miss this trend in 2023.

Cuban link chains are generally common among celebrities like Jay Z and his colleagues in the industry. It also matches well with other outfit types like T-shirts, shirts, and turtlenecks. 

As for the match with a professional look, it’s a contested topic where there are different thoughts. But, these chains can be paired with pendants and other neckpiece types. Cuban link chains are also durable and easy to maintain. 

  • Earrings

Men are making new statements with earrings these days. Unlike before when it was only a tiny stud on one ear, longer earring types are now seen on many. 

Well, one can draw this new trend from Hollywood celebrities and musicians worldwide. Earrings are very beautiful especially when paired well with your outfit. 

Either diamond studs, drop earrings, chain hoops, or any other type, you should try these out sometime. 

  • Necklaces

This list wouldn’t be complete without talking about necklaces. Necklaces are in various shapes, types, and forms today, but each type is used to create a fashion statement in 2023. 

One of the numerous types men wear now is dog tags. These are mostly customized to show your name or nickname, but they are highly stylish.  

Another type you need to check out is the nautical necklace. These are slim with ornaments, and fit any form of dressing. They’ll match your turtle necks, T-shirts, and even corporate look effortlessly. They come in different colors too. 


It’s a wrap. Which of the jewelry trends will you be trying out before the year ends? Whichever type you’ve selected, remember to always keep it moderate and stick to the jewelry rules for men to avoid different looks and questions. Also, you’ll be ruining all your slay effort when you mix the right and wrong jewelry.