Top Five Moves For Going In For The First Kiss

First Kiss, a short film about (you guessed it) first kisses, has dominated the Internet for the past couple of weeks. If you haven’t seen it- hats off to you, but I’d heavily recommend it. Here’s the gist of it: the makers of First Kiss have coupled up 20 strangers and told them to kiss each other on camera. What ensues is frankly beautiful. Each participant is seen in his or her completely vulnerable pre-kiss state- bashful and giggly. There is a tremendous awkwardness throughout the pre-kiss section of the film, as some introduce themselves, and most forget their kissing buddy’s name. Eventually, each couple kisses, seemingly unleashing a furious arousal within as nothing is held back. That’s about it.

The short film is plainly a social experiment, observing the behavioural patterns that surround a kiss, but in my opinion, what it has truly demonstrated is how easy it really is to kiss a stranger. Just look at the couples once they have kissed, baring in mind they have still only just met, they are just about ready to find a dark room and 69 from dawn ‘til dark. The tricky bit is actually getting your lips onto someone else’s, and I’d like to put forward my top five moves for making it that little bit easier.

Firstly, look out for signs. In general, if you feel like you could kiss someone, they tend to feel the same way about you. I’m not, of course, talking about seeing someone on the street, deciding you’d give them one, and planting it on them; that will get you a night in jail (which in turn could get you laid). What I am talking about is a one on one situation, in which you have butterflies in your stomach (easy to mistake for wind). In this case, you are not crazy, unless you are, and your partner is probably experiencing the same thing.

If you’re still struggling for confidence, here are some telltale signs of someone searching for a smooch:

–       If someone looks at your lips, all they want to do is taste them

–       If you’re date is licking their lips, they’ve either just eaten a donut, or they’re sufficiently moistening them to receive yours.

–       Look for kinetic flirting; if you’re date feels the need to touch you every 2 minutes, then they’d like to know about your tongue.

–       If you’re already in bed with someone, you’re probably safe to proceed accordingly.

And finally, if all else fails, try these foolproof moves for getting that lip-on-lip action:

1) Get wasted.

If you’re drunk enough, nothing will stop you from going in for the kill. If you don’t simply fall onto someone’s lips, you’ll beg for a kiss, cry, and then throw up on them. Either way, you’re likely to at least go for it.

2) Cheek kissing.

Hit them with a soft kiss on the cheek, then while you’re there, well it would be rude not to. Especially effective when trying for a goodbye kiss.

3) Ask them.

The line, ‘Would you like to kiss me?’ is a great way to put your cards on the table without fully committing to a lean in. The surprise of it is enough that it also might trick them into wanting to kiss you. One thing is for sure, if you ask someone, ‘Would you like to kiss me?’ you’ll at least know if you’re in or not.

4) Wait for them.

Hope that they will go in for the kill. This is the kind of thing the French might do; bottle it and hope someone else will sort it out for you. Though I can’t recommend this for rate of success, it at least means you can’t get rejected. Also, the pure jubilation that will occur should they actually take the initiative is as good as an orgasm.

5) Don’t be a girl.

Pure and simple- just kiss them. Go with your gut feeling, as soon as you feel like there may be an opportunity and your feelings might be reciprocated, don’t hesitate, and just kiss. This is the most successful move, who doesn’t love to be kissed, after all?

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