Top 5 Careers in the Fashion Industry

The fashion industry is an enchanting field for business activities as well as for a personal career. Most people with an eye for clothing and beauty want to delve into this magic world. Thankfully, there is enough space for diverse areas and specializations. 

For instance, we bet you didn’t know you could make money and enjoy your passion remotely in the fashion sector. This niche goes beyond designing and making clothes alone. In the fascinating world of the industry, you can be an online fashion stylist or a designer who is pretty well-payed. 

Several other exciting fields can also be a perspective. Keep reading this article to find out the top five careers in the fashion industry. 

The Top Five Careers in The Fashion Industry 

Many jobs offer numerous benefits, and you can explore more of them on Jobble vacancy aggregator. If you are ready to pursue a career in the fashion industry, you should know that there are different entries to join. Here are the top options: 

Fashion Stylist 

The career of a fashion stylist entails choosing or coordinating outfits for celebrities, public figures, movies,  TV shows, and stylish photo sessions. If you want to clad your clients in the trendiest styles, you need to stay fashionable. 

Fashion stylists should be creative and ready to liaise with other people or fields in the beauty industry, such as makeup artists, footwear, and clothing. This means one has to be active and sociable enough to attend parties, events, and social gatherings. 

Fashion Designer 

As a fashion designer, you can finally create those outfits and accessories you have been dreaming of for years. You will be responsible for sketching, picking the materials, and even designing the primary prototype used for production. 

Depending on where you work, you may design clothing for high-end boutiques, clothing brands, or runways. You may also be responsible for making marketing decisions if you are entirely responsible for your brand. 

Fashion Merchandiser

Fashion merchandising entails overseeing the fashion aspects of retail stores. The responsibilities include managing the purchase and sale of fashion stock, overseeing the cleanliness of the environment, and making it fit for the styling scenery. Presentation is everything in the fashion industry, and decision-making is the primary role for this career. 

You will also need to do market research to determine what products amplify customer satisfaction. It will not be too challenging if you have organizational and managerial skills. 

Retail Buyer 

Retail buyers in the fashion industry are responsible for choosing trendy outfits for the stores or boutiques they work. They are the brains behind the type of products or garments that should be sourced and stocked in advance of a coming season. They also make the purchasing decisions for the company based on customer demand, market and seasonal trends, store brand, and budget. Hence, they are expected to stay on top of the news and be ready to grasp the latest fashion in vogue.

They essentially oversee the purchase of bulk outfits and footwear and have a big say in their employers’ sales and profit. If there is no customer increment or the sale of some products is pretty slow, the retail buyer takes responsibility. 


The position of editor-in-chief in the fashion world is highly sought after. He oversees the duties of many employees such as writers, photographers, stylists, and editors. The position implies becoming the face of a publishing house, which makes your attendance at reputable fashion events sought after. Furthermore, you will also have to appear to represent your publishers.

However, your primary responsibility is overseeing the printing and publication of your employer’s fashion contributions. If you work with a footwear brand, you will be responsible for choosing the magazine’s design and layout and its tone and content. 

Bottom Line 

The idea of becoming fully integrated into the fashion industry may sound irresistible. Getting a career in it is the first step. Also, you should not be scared of starting from a bottom position. With hard work and consistency, you can work your way to the top.