Tod’s x The Sartorialist: Meet the Marlin

In an extensive collaborative project, Tod’s have partned with The Sartorialist to document the travels of the Marlin. The Marlin style, a practical, stylish and lightweight shoe, is photographed all over the world, paired with the best street-style looks, by The Sartorialist himself, Scott Schuman.

marlin 22

Tod’s rich heritage and skill in crafting shoes is evidenced in the Marlin style through its combination of hardwearing rubber sole and more refined, luxurious materials like nubuck leather. Innovative manufacturing techniques have been used to create the Marlin style, techniques that are traditionally used in glove making, to ensure that the style is supremely comfortable, durable and stylish all at once.

marlin 33

Scott selected the Marlin to showcase in such detail in order to highlight these features and show the potential that this style has. During his various trips around the world, Schuman has made it his mission to show the versatility of the Marlin, proving that it can be an elegant yet easy-going option for cities, beaches and countryside. He has shown how it can blend into a huge range of personal styles, making it a truly universal style.

marlin 44

In Milan, it was paired with a relaxed suit and open collared shirt to give city-office wear a modern, casual twist. Meanwhile in New York, the light blue version was mixed with navy, beige and a patterned sweater to create an off-kilter but individual style statement.

marlin 55

Designers that produce loafer shoes are ten-a-penny nowadays, but it becomes very clear which brands know their stuff when you see and feel the results of the time and effort that has gone into creating them. The high quality materials used by Tod’s are shown off to their best thanks to the photography of Scott Schuman, and when you see them paired with so many different outfits, it certainly gives your food (or fashion) for thought.

The full project can be seen at, and there you can also purchase the Marlin.