The essential styling for a T.M Lewin shirt and chinos for your spring wardrobe

The only shirt you’ll ever need this year is our plain statement twill slim fit navy shirt.

And why is that you ask? So, whether you’re looking for a super-relaxed spring shirt or a preppy touch up to your formal attire, this great looking shirt is made from 100% cotton, woven into a twill weave, and that gives this shirt the edge, and it’s thicker, softer and a more luxurious feel.

The chances are you’ve already got a blue shirt somewhere in your wardrobe, and when you button up in the morning, you should feel confident, in control, even invincible. Seriously putting on a twill shirt that first perfectly makes you feel like you’re the boss.  And it’s pulled out for all your formal outings, wedding, christenings, interviews and that day at the office. So ditch the one off your back and upgrade with our shirt. It may be plain in colour but it features a contrast small ditsy print detail on the insides of the cuffs and collar. Why wear a shirt you would treat as a boring basic, because actually, our blue shirt can be one of the most versatile pieces you own.

The key to getting the most out of your blue shirt is to ensure you pair it with the right trousers. That’s where we come in. Again!

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Our Radcliffe slim-fit, lean silhouette stone chinos are perfect to add to your trouser rotation.

These best-selling casual trousers have Max Performance technology, non-iron in a cotton and elastane blend (because evey one needs a little stretch sometimes!) and these chinos won’t fade, have anti-pilling, anti-shrink fabric.

We would never tell you to abandon your jeans, but a lighter cotton, will feel breezier than denim, and if you want to look like you just aced a master class in wearing colour, too, use the tone of your chinos to establish the palette for your whole look,  and we say there is no simpler way to look sharp in the spring sunshine. Wear them with your ‘Plain Statement’  twill navy shirt, or casually with a crisp white t-shirt.

And why are these trousers a winner – these slim, stylish trousers you can wear everyday with our shirt and never worry if you’re looking sharp enough.

And why is this combination shirt and trousers an winner? Easier on the wallet and just as easy on the eyes.

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