Tips for Working from Home

Build an inspiring work environment.

It’s hard to stay focussed when working from home as you have the everyday distractions of your home. We suggest, if you do not have a home office, find a corner and space of the house to designate yourself a work area. Clear this space of any distractions and make this your sole workplace. This allows you to differentiate work life from home life.

Set real work hours

As much as it is nice to have a lie-in, be real with yourself. Stick to a strict schedule and maintain your usual work hours to ensure your day has structure and you designate enough time to work. Allow exemptions for tea breaks and lunch, but do not fall victim to the distractions and comfort of the home environment.

Make To-Do Lists

Each day, set yourself the tasks and essentials for the work day. Make sure you understand what tasks are high priority and tick off as you go. This also breaks up the day as you can allocate a different task for different times of the day whilst ensuring they all get done. It also helps boost productivity as you can look back at the end of the day and see all you have accomplished.

DO NOT start your work day in PJs

This is a very common occurrence with the WFH lifestyle, we all fall into the comforting and relaxing nature of the environment. You start the day off on the wrong foot by not preparing properly. By setting up a structured morning routine you can mentally and physically prepare for the day. By getting dressed, not even in a shirt and tie, maybe even a jumper and slacks, it still gets you into more of a formality and work-like mindset.

Set a morning routine and stick to it

Following our previous point, it is key to ensure routine consistently throughout your day. Wake up, shower, breakfast, skincare, get dressed. These are all usual essentials in your normal work morning, do not let this fall just because you’re home. By doing these simple things, you are waking up your body and mind and preparing them for the day ahead.

Exercise and Stretch

Being cooped up in one confined space can be difficult and debilitating, utilise your time and take a few minutes each hour- or two to get in a few stretches. Whether you use your lunch hour or set aside some time in the day, it is key for your body to stretch and release itself from the desk chair.

Utilise your lunch hour

Within your lunch hour, there are so many opportunities you can explore. Whether it be running errands and escaping the house or going for a walk/jog. Use this time wisely as it is the only time in the workday that you can get a good chunk of time of freedom. We suggest going for a run or a walk to get some fresh air and stretch your legs.

Eat Healthy

This is a CRUCIAL rule that needs to be followed as we all love a binge. Whilst sat in the comfort of our home we are susceptible to snacking and eating our way through the cupboards. This needs to stop, as well as eating healthy, we need to eat smart. Set aside an apple or banana for a boost throughout the morning or a healthy homemade smoothie / juice. The nutrients and goodness in the fruits will give you the added boost you need to get through the workday.

Stay off social media

Unless your job depends on it- you MUST stay off social media. This is the biggest distraction of our generation and it is right at our fingertips. If you can, leave your phone in the other room and keep off Instagram and Facebook- everyone is in the same boat and we can’t fuel the distraction.

Listen to music

The best way to keep focussed is to fill the empty background noise. Once your mind is completely occupied you will focus more on the tasks at hand as well as jammin’ along to some good tunes. We suggest some smooth jazz or mellow piano music to help create a calm, stress free atmosphere. If you need some help choosing the right headphones, we suggest using the Uunique Wireless Airpods for a hassle free listening experience.

Check in with Co-Workers

Make sure you check in with your co-workers, they’re the ones you once saw everyday after all. We all know that the people you work with are one of the biggest helps to get you through a work day, and they are the biggest part of the day that has suddenly gone. It is crucial to stay in contact both for your own morale, but also to check in with their work and progress.

Use Video Chat

Following our last point, a top tip from the team at MFM is to use video chat. Set up a time in the day for a group conference call so you can all check in and see what you’re all up to. It’s also great to talk to a fresh face and catch up in a more personal sense, in a modern face to face way.

We hope these tips help you in some way- as we are all in this together! From our team at MFM to yours, stay safe and stay healthy.

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