Gives you a better punch than the fighters.

                    Timex UFC Icon Chronograph 45mm Silicone Strap Watch

Timex and UFC® have come together in a momentous partnership, establishing Timex as the first-ever official Timekeeper and Watch Partner of UFC®. This collaboration highlights the shared values of determination, ingenuity, and toughness between the two iconic brands and exemplifies unparalleled durability and top-notch design, with the watches engineered to endure the rigorous demands of MMA fighters and the active lifestyles of enthusiasts, it’s making them the ultimate choice for those seeking style and reliability. With precision timing and hard-hitting features, this collection reflects the indomitable spirit of both Timex and UFC®, creating an exceptional line of timepieces that capture the essence of combat sports and endurance.

The world of mixed martial arts (MMA) has always been synonymous with toughness, resilience, and relentless determination. Now, the partnership between Timex and UFC® brings together two powerhouses that embody these same values, creating a collection of watches that can withstand the toughest challenges inside and outside the Octagon®. And  Timex is no stranger to designing durable and reliable timepieces, their reputation for crafting watches that can take a beating and keep on ticking is well-known in the industry and now, they have taken their commitment to toughness to new heights with the Timex UFC Collection.

Engineered at the esteemed Giorgio Galli Design Lab in Milan, Italy, these watches combine legendary durability with best-in-class design, the result is a series of timepieces that not only look stylish but can also withstand the demands of an active lifestyle, making them the ultimate choice for fighters and fans alike. With a sport-centric focus, the Timex UFC Collection is designed to deliver an unbeatable wearing experience during the most intense moments in the Octagon®. 

One of the highlights of this collection is its accuracy. In a sport where split seconds can make all the difference, precision timing is critical, Timex has taken great care to ensure that their watches provide reliable and accurate timekeeping, allowing fighters and fans to keep track of every crucial moment. The Timex UFC watch stands as a symbol of toughness, tenacity, and innovation and features a Day-Date window and Chronograph, with a 45mm stainless steel case, black band, and a buckle clasp, a black dial with combo markings, powered by QUARTZ ANALOG movement, protected by a mineral glass crystal/lens. The top ring colour is black, made of stainless steel, and the strap and lug width are 24mm. With a water resistance of 100 metres, it combines style and functionality for a reliable timepiece. 

These timepieces are not only built to last but also equipped with functionalities that cater to the needs of active individuals, from water resistance for swimming and training to scratch-resistant materials for durability, every aspect of these watches is carefully crafted to endure the rigours of an active lifestyle. 

Whether you’re a seasoned fighter, a devoted UFC® fan, or simply someone who appreciates tough and reliable timepieces, the Timex UFC Collection has something for everyone. With its superior engineering, rugged durability, and unbeatable style, these watches are a true testament to the enduring spirit of both Timex and UFC®.Buy online: TIMEX