Time To Start Dropping Those Valentine’s Hints

We may have just finished the holiday season and made it safely into the new year, but we’re not over the finish line yet. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. If you have ever worked in the service industry, you may have a serious disdain for the holiday, or maybe you’re a hopeless romantic, and it’s your favorite. Either way, everyone loves getting a gift from theirs truly, so now is as good of a time as any to start dropping hints to your partner about what you’d like this February 14th. There are plenty of things you may need or others you just want, but the best gifts are ones that you’ll actually use. If you’re having a hard time figuring out what to DM or drop in your sweetheart’s e-mail, take a look at some must-have V-day gifts this year.

iPhone 13 Pro

While you may be spending time racking your brain for Valentine’s Date Ideas, you also want to make sure you’ll be able to capture swoon-worthy selfies of you and your significant other for your social media. Sure, it may rub some of your single friends the wrong way to see all the happy couples, but if you’re using the newest iPhone, at least the pictures making them mad will be the best in their feed. Whether you ask for the 13 Pro or the 13 Pro Max, the cameras on these phones alone are worth the upgrade. If you and your partner share the same phone plan, this gift could even be affordable if you’re eligible for a promotion and you’re down to trading in your phone. Either way, this is a gift you’ll not only love but definitely use daily.


When we all locked down for the first time, loungewear had a significant moment. Everyone was wearing it – men, women, and kids. Well, thankfully, it’s now totally acceptable to rock loungewear in public and look super cool doing it. You may not be able to wear men’s slippers to the grocery – no shade if you do, though – but a new pair never hurt anyone. After staying in and working from home for the better part of two years, you probably ran the tread down on yours. Matching sweatsuits are no longer tacky, so you could ask for his, and hers set to wear too. As chaotic as things have been the last couple of years, most of us can agree that we just want to be comfortable and confident in the new year, so keep things casual and ask for some lux loungewear items.

Subscription Services

Speaking of staying in, we’ve all gotten pretty used to having things delivered to our doorstep – groceries, toiletries; you name it. Even though we’re out and about again, the luxury of having our must-haves delivered straight to us isn’t lost on anyone. Consider asking for a subscription service or two to things you’d rather not have to run out for. Whether it’s as practical as your pet supplies or a monthly wine or whiskey subscription – these gifts are the ones that keep on giving, literally.

Spa Day

You’ve probably given a gift certificate or two for a spa on Valentine’s Day to someone else, but have you ever been the recipient? Everyone deserves a day of pampering, and who couldn’t use a massage? Maybe you’ve always wanted to try a facial and haven’t treated yourself yet. Hinting that you’d love to have a spa day is a great way to find a gift certificate in your Valentine’s Day card to your local spa. You could also mention how you’d love to partake in a couple’s massage together, which is always good at setting the tone for more intimate events later in the Day.

Even if you’re a hardcore minimalist, everyone in love enjoys getting something special from their significant other on Valentine’s Day. If none of those, as mentioned earlier, ideas hit home with you, think about experiences you’ve wanted to enjoy and expand on that. Skydiving or rock climbing could be considered romantic by plenty of people! Or, if you’re having trouble figuring out what to get your partner, use the list to shop for them instead. Here’s to you being lucky in love, and Happy Valentine’s Day!