Time To Live Your Best Aviator Life.

Aviator sunglasses are the most iconic style on earth, often finding them worn by celebrities, in films and off-screen. It’s a basic trend that is timeless, classic and undisputedly masculine. Worn in a number of ways from smart to classic, casual high street to rugged, the possible style combinations are endless. They are sure to bring out your weekend warrior vibes to whatever you are wearing, so you’ll never need convincing that this accessory is a must have, whatever the season.

No man looks as cool when he’s wearing a pair of sharp sunglasses, and no man is better dressed than when he’s in a well-tailored suit. Combine the two, when he’s wearing aviator sunglasses and voila, that guy suddenly becomes more interesting. The ‘KHAN’ mirrored aviator sunglasses come in a cool range of colours, so that whether you’re in need of a pair to make that daily commute more bearable, or something to protect your eyes at that next vacation destination, there is a shade for any occasion.

Suit-ready shades need to come off formal, but not to formal. You can wear a pair of sunglasses any day of the year, but nothing says summer like a pair of KHAN aviator sunglasses, especially mirrored and in warm brown or gold tinted. They exude the carefree confidence in any man, and these versions evoke chill summer days the second you put them on. Bearded or clean shaven, smart or casual there’s no denying that aviators will always set you apart from the crowd.

If we can sum up aviators in one word it would be simple. Iconic. These KHAN Aviator Sunglasses are now available online at Khansunglasses.com – style up your look today.