The name says it all, Thrudark, the name sums up exactly what the clothes would be. Tough, enduring, broody and high performance and perfect for those urban explorers. The name originates from operations that co-founders Louis and Staz met in the line of duty, and these were almost always during the night. Hence a very befitting name ‘ThruDark’. 

Seeing a chink in the market for military-grade and Special Forces-approved clothing and equipment, and with the wearer in mind they have come up with a brand that will give you fabrics that made form the highest standards, and clothes that will endure any spectrum, whether that be extreme artic cold, humid jungles or dry and dust filled deserts. 

So what are the fabrics: 

PERTEX® Quantum Pro

If you’re into trekking out in extreme weather, then this ultra thin water coating will give you increased high level of water resistance for extreme conditions, ideal where it’s damp and cold, but all the while still be lightweight.


Dyneema is a fibre that is 15 times stronger than steel, with fibres made with high molecular weight polyethylene and has high abrasion resistant properties. Cordura is 10 times more abrasion-resistant than cotton. So anything made with this fabric like a custom knitted heavy brushed fleece will be made to last. Literally


C_Change membrane adapts to ambient conditions. Working out, then the fabric fibres open up to allow excess heat and posture to escape to the outside air, but at times of low activity the fibres remain closed and keep the heat close to your body.

With the Patriot jacket, Phalanx fleece, Scout smock and the Expedition parka, you can be sure of clothes that have been made with combat know-how andmilitry precision. Quick drying, lightweight, water-resistant and wind protective, whether you’re urban or mountaineering, you can’t ask for any more than this.

The Insignia T-Shirt:

A great t-shirt for any occasion, the black t-shirt is a foundation in any man’s wardrobe. And the beauty of this simple and humble piece of clothing is the fact that now you can buy one that’s just a little bit more special  with underarm vent holes, great for our hot summers, made in pure cotton, with an embossed rubberised logo, and embroidered insignia sleeve patch. This is a t-shirt with a difference and it’s not just us spouting out this good news! 

Buy online: ThruDark