Thomas Pink Launches Social Media Campaign

In the age of Facebook and Twitter, it would be ignorant for any major brand to ignore the importance of social media. Social media is not only today’s number one form of publicising but nine times out ten is the cheapest option. Thus, with many brands doing this, the question at the forefront of big brand’s minds is: how do they make it different? Luckily, Thomas Pink has answered that question for itself and tweaked its social media campaign to suit their innovative ideas.

pink 1

All great ideas are one thing: simple. Thomas Pink’s media campaign is just this. It’s shirts. It’s, to be exact, What Shirt Are You? Thomas Pink has used one of the landmarks of any man’s wardrobe and twisted it to suit. The campaign is a series of short films, showing certain individuals wearing the shirts and how universal yet unique theirs can be.

The first three films have London artists Bompas & Parr, Charles Morgan from Morgan Motor Co. and musician Clement Marfo, going about their business whilst wearing these shirts. The aim, Florence Torrens, Thomas Pink’s Creative Director has said, is to “celebrate the shirt” and “encourage the great shirt-wearing public to share their shirt stories.”

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The key goal in any social media campaign is to hook viewers. Thomas Pink has done this. They have taken something that we all use, something that is universal to all ages, and made it a point of conversation. What is your style? How do you wear your shirt? Here are people talking about this idea, discussing and dissecting.

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At the core is a sheer love of fashion and design. Florence Torrens goes on to say, “We believe that the guy who appreciates Thomas Pink shirts is into a little more than just putting a shirt on for his working day. He is thoughtful, appreciative of quality, discerning in his choices and above all needs to trust that his wardrobe choices will work hard for him.”

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At MFM, the wardrobe is our favourite place. It’s a place for imagination and thought. Above all, it is a universal place. We all have one and we all have opinions about it. Thomas Pink understands this and has used it in their unique campaign that has us all talking.