This is your next leather jacket

And here’s how to wear it: There is nothing more hip than a leather jacket, to make you look  more badass and less like you are having a midlife crisis. You need to buy a jacket that has a worn quality to it, one that has a classic style that’ll look good on all ages.

A great jacket is one that you want to wear all day, every day because you love it so much and a great jacket has the power to instantly level up your style.

Tate black leather jacket:

Yeah, think we’ll put this one on the top of the list, one look at this jacket and there’s no going back, you can feel this one before even putting it on. If you want to have a leather jacket that gives you style, uniqueness and class along with a bit of bad-boy vibe, this is the one, as a cloth jacket won’t have the same attitude that wearing leathers does. This Tate jacket has it all, and whatever you’re going for, it can be dressed up or down, seamlessly with a funnel collar and button down front.

The toughness of this jacket is perfect to hold against the lesser, day-to-day wear-and-tear, as this a good quality leather jacket made from luxury Nappa leather and has vintage-inspired aging on the trim, for that roguish look guys, and will last a lifetime whatever you throw at it. This leather jacket feels soft, supple and easy on the skin, and over time, when worn in it will become even more softer and more comfortable  –  it’ll age as well as you.

Throw it on top of your button down shirts and a suit for that midweek trek into work, hoodie and your fave jeans, poloneck and chino’s, the list of endless just how powerful a leather jacket can up your daily style. The Tate Leather jacket has a wealth of pockets, and that’s a plus guys, 2 internal pockets, 4 out zippered pockets, perfect for phone keys and wallet, shoulder pads and gunmetal zippers hardware to give you a masculine aesthetic and button fastening gives it that classy look when left open.

A leather jacket will always give you toughness that will provide great levels or protection through all weathers a natural windbreak and water resistance, keeping you totally warm and dry long after rain, wind and even snow and as long as  you take some basic precautions to preserve your jacket, it can literally last for decades. Even on warmer days, don’t think about giving up on the idea of wearing this killer jacket, it just means you’re investing in it for the long-run.

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