This gold watch is really showcased to it’s maximum brilliance

This gold watch is really showcased to it’s maximum brilliance

At first you fight it. You think that your choice would be a steel chronograph or Submariner, not a piece of ‘man jewellery’, and a steel watch is something of a manly tool to wear on your wrist. Associating gold watches with only older men and young men who never quite get the gold look right. 

But then along comes a gold watch that puts a wedge in the door.

Gold watches can be also used as a piece of wrist jewellery if it’s not over adorned, a versatile accessory whenever you want something precious on your wrist. It can become a signature accessory that hopefully you will always wear, especially if it reminds you of a certain moment in your life. An investment watch is like a permanent accessory. You might not wear it every single day but it will be around for a long time in regular rotation. Thinking about this, when you buy a watch, you want it to compliment your everyday go-to outfits, your jewellery and accessories, and your overall style. 

The Scotty Mezzo Watch:

Such is the life of a gold-watch wearing man, you will be constantly confused with that worldier, wealthier version of yourself, and we’re not disputing that you may already be there, and you know what, if you’re not, you may just like that better version of you. 

This years update keeps the bullet-proof Japanese smooth quartz movement at the forefront, and if you want to buy a gold watch this could be the one you will fall in love with, a balance between classical and technical the dial is perfectly proportional and focuses the eye on the small centre dial and the hands that carefully rotate aground it, and this watch will make you focus on the time and make each second count.

The Scotty Mezzo watch has a gold-tone dial with a gold tone face and a stainless steel backside, and strap, with zinc alloy case. Yellow-gold is, by its very definition, the colour on the more traditional side of the spectrum, and iconic, so where else would go than the inimitable Siezmont for that minimalist watch sleek style. We think that from this beautiful, stylish Danish design, this gold watch makes a lot of sense, and we know that a lot of you cool guys out there  may be just ready to wear this slim gold watch. We think yes.

Now that’s class.

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