Thinking about online dating?

Have you just gone through a difficult breakup? Things haven’t quite worked out with your short term relationship, never meet anyone who’s ‘just your type and so the list goes on.

But to start with, did you know that there are more men on the dating apps than women, and the majority of women are looking for a relationship, and let’s say some men are looking a relationship but some men are only in it for casual sex, so say no more. There are more men on dating apps than women, so does this mean that the guys that are actually looking for love have a better chance because there are far more women to choose from? 

So how do you guys fair about getting on dating apps? No matter whether you decide on Bumble, Hinge or Tinder, building your profile can not only be daunting but a complete mind f*uck. As if downloading these apps didn’t already cause you enough anxiety, now you’ve got to be funny enough, smart enough and enticing enough to lure a swipe in the right direction.

And actually when it comes down to dating, there are many more reasons why both men and women go on dating apps, male and female users were closest in their desire to meet a partner, and males users were actually slightly keener! And did you know, the average Tinder message sent by a man to a woman is 12 characters long, while a woman uses an average 122 characters. Well that’s what we heard, women do talk more! Females profiles get a lot more matches a lot quicker, well no surprises there, and men moan that it’s not easy for them, it’s a hard game when you have to swipe right far more to actually match with just one or two women.

So in an ideal dating world, coming on too strong wouldn’t be a deal-breaker; it would always and only be endearing for someone to that into you. So originality is the key, good pictures are just the start and actually fill out a profile. So guys this is your chance to find love, There’s a good number of women out there looking for a relationship. There are a load of other guys out there who’re not really your competition, they are playing a different game, so if you’re really looking for love, this is definitely a winning game for you. Make sure you stand out from the crowd, break the chain of boring aimless chatting, don’t do the uninvited naughty pics and the hurtful ghosting that actually make women want to quit the apps.

If you really are aiming to find love, the odds are definitely in your favour. Go Play.