Things to consider when buying a commuter bag

Making your journey to work, whether it’s by train, bus, car or bike, almost always requires for you to be carrying a good few items with you. Having a quality bag for this is a must. Your commuting bag needs to have ample space for what you need without weighing you down, be made of good quality and long-lasting materials, and should suit your personal style. After all, travelling to work doesn’t have to clash with your outfit.

As luck would have it, there are many options out there for those searching for a decent commuting bag. Regardless of your style or budget, you’ll be sure to find something suitable for your commuter carry.

Before you begin your shopping search, remember to look out for the following important factors.

Is it durable?

As stylish as a bag may be, it’s always worth checking to ensure that it can easily hold everything that you need. Nobody needs their bag strap snapping or zip popping off for a bag that is too full. Make sure you choose a bag that has large enough dimensions to carry everything you need for the day. Lastly, the bag’s material should be tear-proof, sturdy and possibly even waterproof.

Is it comfortable?

Your bag should be comfortable enough for everyday wear. If you usually suffer from back or shoulder pain, perhaps opt for a bag that includes padded shoulder straps.

Does it have a work-friendly design?

If your job requires you to commute with a laptop, you’ll need to ensure that your bag has an appropriately sized laptop sleeve or pocket. If you attend a lot of corporate meetings, you will perhaps want a bag that has a sleek, professional look to it.

Does it have any additional features?

Once you have found a bag that has the ideal durability, comfort and design for your needs, you can take a look at its other features. If you need your gadgets a lot, you may benefit from a bag which includes a portable battery to keep them topped up. If you often head from the gym to the office or vice versa, many bags offer extra compartments to stash gym gear, meal prep boxes and more.

Written by Tom Loughran