Are you ready for summer? Forget the rain, forget the chill, think ahead, warm days, al fresco lunches, beers outside and generally just loving summer life. But you need to get your basics in place, the right clothes that will look good on chilly or warm weather.

Hawaiian shirts aren’t the only bright and breezy shirts in town, you can go for a camp shirt that’s not only vibrant, colourful and fun, or a psychedelic or totally off scale to give you summer style a healthy dose of drip! Great with shorts,smart trousers, and even a suit.

Jeans, or shorts, are great for dressing up or down. Keep your jeans slim and relaxed, they will look good with a plain t-shirt and that bright Hawaiian shirt, as will shorts. But if you want to wear a shirt and shorts out in the evening, make sure your shorts are tailored and your shoes are either loafers or pristine sneakers. Layer a floral shirt over a white tee for a casual bit of layering.

Oh the T-shirt, what would we do without them? The one piece of clothing that punches above its weight, and you need all the airflow all summer. Loosening up the silhouette will certainly do a whole lot with very little, but also do get a tee that fits you like a dream. You need one in the summer that hugs your body and shows those abs, if you have any, but not so tight that it makes you look ridiculous. Under a jacket on its own it’s the perennial summer item.

A sweater, in any colour, but preferably blue, it’ll go with everything. Make sure it’s in a fine gauge, so you can layer it, but it’ll still not overheat you and it’s perfect layering anytime you need a downgrade of warm weather and especially at night when the evenings get chilly. Blue compliments most items of clothing you have in your wardrobe.

 When it comes to shoes, try the do-everything loafers, they are the workhorse shoes that do it all. From black-tie events to beach-bounds hangouts and these shoes will handle any sartorial situation. Maybe you prefer some pristine white sneakers, and in spite of what people might say, they will go with just about everything. Wear them everyday, but invest in the best you can afford and they will last forever and a day, so look after them.