These Are the Things Followers Don’t Want to See On Your Instagram

Instagram might be a great platform for expressing yourself, but there are some things your followers probably don’t want to see on your page. It can be quite tempting to post certain things such as personal problems or selfies, but it’s important to remember that the content you create is for your audience.

You wouldn’t want to bore them with unrelatable or self-absorbed content, would you? These are the things your followers don’t want to see on your Instagram; avoid them if you can so your audience remains engaged with your page.

Daily Selfies

You’re probably thinking, “isn’t Instagram what pretty much created the selfie craze?” While you’re partially correct, that doesn’t mean followers want a daily selfie plugging up their feed.

Selfies have become something of a love-hate item for social media users. Where on one hand they can portray confidence and bravery, on the other, they’re overused and often cringy to look at; especially if they’re a daily occurrence. If the only thing you post is selfies, there’s a good chance you’ll notice a drop in engagement or followers for the simple fact that selfies get boring very quickly. You’ll come off as self-absorbed, which isn’t exactly a good platform from which to build a following (unless you’re a Kardashian).

Keep selfies limited to maybe a few per month, or even a few per week. As long as you’re posting tasteful selfies at good intervals, you shouldn’t have an issue. Don’t make your page all about your selfies, either. It’s important to combine your self-love posts with some valuable content that your audience can enjoy and remain engaged with. Remember that people are looking for high-quality, compelling content, and constant snapshots of your best duck face aren’t exactly compelling.

Hate Speech or Bullying

These two things are pretty much universally loathed on the platform, and yet, people still engage in both. When arguments turn ugly, it can be incredibly tempting to take cheap shots at how someone looks or some other superficial feature. This is not only wrong on so many levels, but it portrays you as nothing less than a bully and can cost you precious followers. People tend to tune out when things turn nasty, and for good reason.

Instagram has strict rules about cyberbullying as well, so you could be putting your account at risk if you say the wrong thing. If you’re getting a lot of negative feedback on your content, it may be time to find a new target audience. This website offers the opportunity to buy followers to restructure your entire following, and thus, reduce the chances that you’re going to get in a heated argument over someone not liking your content.

Keep things professional when you get feedback. Not everyone will enjoy your content, and that’s just a fact of life. Even if someone turns nasty in the comment section, responding in the same manner only adds fuel to an ember and ignites a fire you might not be able to put out. Keep calm, ignore nasty comments, and interact with your followers when they give you feedback. Recognize that there’s a difference between constructive feedback and downright nasty criticism.

Breakup Posts

If you’ve just lost your significant other, it can certainly be challenging to overcome all of the feelings that accompany such a split. That being said, the worst thing you can do for your page is to take to it to spill your guts about the breakup in post after post of self-loathing. We get it; it’s hard. Breakups suck, no one wants to take responsibility, and you can’t help but wonder what your now-ex is up to while you’re home alone on Instagram. Yes, your followers want a genuine person and honesty in your content, but that doesn’t mean they want to drown in the personal details of your latest relationship.

If you must share something about your breakup because you were creating content together, or because it will affect the next few days of posting, keep it short and sweet as more of a courtesy to your followers than a self-loathing post. Keeping followers updated shows respect for them, especially if you’re going to be late or miss content altogether.

Social media is never the place to vomit post-breakup feelings. Things are said in the heat of emotion that can’t be taken back once they’re made public, so be careful what you say and what you post after a breakup. Take some time for self-love if you’ve gone through a breakup, but don’t expect your followers to act as a sponge for your sorrow.

Sub-Par Content

Once you’ve set the standard for the quality of your content, it’s your responsibility to ensure you’re sticking to that standard, or, if you must change, go higher rather than lower. Whichever way you go, according to ViralRace, your followers will always catch on, and a significant drop in quality is a good way to lose current followers and scare off potential ones.

High-quality content always outperforms its counterpart for the simple fact that it shows the creator cares about his or her craft and the audience they’re crafting for. It’s disrespectful to your followers to suddenly start posting lower quality content when they’ve come to expect the best from you.

If you find your content’s quality is starting to slip, take a step back and identify what’s causing the decline. Is your personal life in turmoil? Are you lacking the proper tools or the time to create high-quality content? Are you becoming disinterested in what you’re doing? Are you stuck with only a few hundred followers, and unsure where your page is headed? Identifying the root cause is the best way to remedy the problem and make a hard decision: fix your content, or stop posting.

There’s simply no point in wasting time posting a large quantity of sub-par content. If you need a few weeks to create the best content possible, that’s ok. Just be sure to keep followers informed and let them know when you’ll be posting.