The Unity Collection- celebrating the unifying power of football and fashion

SS21 Collaboration – The Unity Collection- celebrating the unifying power of football and fashion

Football has a unique ability to bring people together. A universal language that beautifully breaks down barriers, opens dialogue and embraces emotion, the game can be a catalyst for progressive change and pioneering thinking. Linking up to champion the eclectic nature of football, SoccerBible and Farah have created the ‘Unity’ capsule collection.

The collection, which pops with expressive colour, is inspired by many nuances of European countries. From pub carpets to the finest military camo, each piece in the collection has looked to mix football and fashion with a subtle and considered approach.

This summer will be an opportunity for people to connect in a way like never before. The harmony of togetherness is something we can all cherish in a post-Covid world. This collection looks to add to the celebration and bring out the beauty and colour that runs deep across a number of nations that will be taking to the stage through the international football scene.

The collection has been designed to fit an open mind that appreciates cultures. It’s about acceptance, crossing borders and saying it’s ok to be French and wear something inspired by Italy. It’s all about Unity and the memories that can be created as we come together and bask in a summers’ tournament. Bespoke pieces in the collection have been inspired by the nations of Scotland, France, Belgium, Italy, England, Germany, Ireland and Wales. Triumphant tartan, enigmatic pinstripes, French cuisine – it’s a multitude of flavours.

SoccerBible will release their next print magazine entitled ‘Utopia’ this summer. The issue will feature an exclusive interview with Sports Team which sees members of the band wearing pieces from the Unity capsule collection. In addition, SoccerBible have also shot and interviewed Everyone You Know and TSB as ambassadors in support of the collection. With them, SoccerBible have discussed the collective appreciation for where football meets fashion and the bond that crosses the game with music.

Inspired by the graphic carpets and bold décor of a traditional English pub, this revere collar
shirt and tee feature striking all-over prints.

Brutalist architecture, characterised by its hard, block features, makes its mark on this track top
and contrast-ring, vertical stripe T-shirt.

Fusing on their iconic flag colours of red, white and green together with bold lines born from
the Modernist movement, inspire this colour-block track top.

Exploring the Argyle pattern, synonymous with Scotland’s heritage, sees the diamond design
reinvented on polo shirts with colours referencing previously worn away-kits.

The iconic Breton has been given the bespoke treatment with a relaxed-fit long-sleeve tee,
proudly bearing their national Tricolour shades.

Referencing the kits of the 90s made famous by the likes of Rudd Gulit, vertical stripes and
ribbed collars maintain the right balance of modern retro.

The chain stitch technique on this revere collar front placement, reminiscent of an Irish beer
mat, complements the timeless graphic rework of their traditional emerald print kit.

Military camo prints with Italy’s signature blue strip and adding a reference to Robert Baggio’s
iconic number 10 on the polo shirt, an overshirt creates a commanding casual look.

Inspired by all nations, the T shirts fittingly wraps up the capsule collections’ essence of